Contact Stonehaven Patrol

Telephone: 980-297-8446


Twitter: @scpatrolclt

Published on October 24, 2010 at 1:16 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. I am the UPS driver in your neighborhood and I also look out for anything unusual in the neighborhood. I now have your no. so I can call if I see anything. I also live in Sherwood Forest.


  2. Hello, my name is Derren Reynolds and I would like to know how I can start a Community Patrol group in my town. I live in Onset, MA. The only truble im having is my local police department want’s nothing to do with my group or want’s a partnership with me. The police think that any outside help in this way is an intrusion to their job duties or that we would be stepping on their toes. When I go out on patrol on foot and the police see me they threten to arrest me for doing my Community Patrol. I’m not a criminal or even have a record. I just don’t see why they don’t like me or like goups like this. Do you have any helpful advice you can give me on how to go about starting a Community Patrol group in this situation im in? Can I choose to form a Community Patrol group independent from my local police department because at this point I realy want to considering that the police are not supporting me on this. All I would be doing is reporting suspicious activity and crime to the police when im out on patrol and they don’t like that at all.


  3. Evan and I have been intimated verbally by Keith Perry recently. Saturday, May 5, I was in my yard. Keith walked by with his dog and asked, “when is Evan’s court date”. I told him June. He then asked if Evan would be sentenced then? His questions and remarks became more pointed and intimidating. His comments: “How would Evan ever find a job as a convicted felon?”, “I would never raise my children to commit crimes”, “My silverware loss was $6000”. He asked why I didn’t hire an attorney, rather than use a public defender. Keith certainly has a talent for needling people, and he got me pretty mad. He even insinuated – I would be the one paying for the loss of their silverware. Not until pigs fly! He said Evan and Ryan were driving by and giving him the one-finger salute.

    This week, Evan saw Keith walking his dog, stopped his car, and rolled down the window. He told Keith to stop talking with our family until after the trial was over. Keith said some things to Evan, trying to intimidate him. Keith even opened the car door and got in Evan’s face, saying more things to Evan.
    I bring this to your attention because: I want it known, and I want him stopped from communicating whatsoever to my family. Or he could be more tolerable and understanding, as many have in the neighborhood.
    Going around with a chip on his shoulder is not the best thing for him to continue doing.

    I believe it best if you can use your contacts at the Independence precinct to help with this issue.
    It would not bother me if I never spoke to Keith again.

    Ryan, my oldest son, may also communicate with you about a similar occurrence.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance
    John Boyé


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