Request Patrol Check

 Stonehaven residents wishing to request a patrol check of their properties should call 980-297-8446 or send an e-mail to

After a patrol check request is received, the Patrol will make contact with the person making the request to confirm they want the service and explain what the service entails.

 There is absolutely no charge for the patrol checks or any other service performed by the Patrol.

 Patrol checks entail members of the Patrol going onto  properties whose occupants have requested that their properties be checked when the Patrol goes through their area. While conducting the patrol checks, patrol members check the backyards, outbuildings, carports, and vehicles in an effort to insure they are secure at that time. If anything unusual is found on the property, the patrol member (s) will alert the resident and inform them of the issue. If nothing unusual is observed, the patrol will generally try to leave a Stonehaven Community Patrol business card with the time the patrol check was conducted written on the back.

 However, it may not always be possible to leave a patrol check card on any given day or night, but the time the property was checked, if it was indeed checked on a given night, will be noted in the Patrol’s daily activity log.

 In addition to conducting property checks, the Patrol will gladly check on the well-being of Stonehaven’s elderly residents anytime the resident or their families request it be done.

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