Stonehaven Community Patrol Purpose

 The purpose of the Stonehaven Community Patrol is to assist the men and women of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. (CMPD) in their efforts to maintain and improve the quality of life in the Stonehaven Community by deterring and preventing criminal activity.

 The Patrol is comprised of private citizen residents of Stonehaven that “patrol” the community riding bicycles, on foot, and in motor vehicles keeping an eye out for criminal activity, suspicious persons & vehicles, and checking on the well-being of elderly residents.

 In addition, the Patrol conducts “property checks” of individual properties, homes, and vehicles when requested to do so by the residents. In this capacity, the Patrol will actually come onto the property and check the backyards, outbuildings, carports, vehicles, etc. in an effort to insure that the properties and residents are safe at that time. When this service is requested and carried out, the Patrol will generally try to  leave a Stonehaven Community Patrol business card with the time the property check was carried out written on the back. However, it is not always possible to leave a card after every check, but the time the property was checked, if on a given night it was checked, will be recorded in the Patrol’s daily/nightly activity log.

 The Patrol also makes checks of the grounds of the Rama Road Elementary School and the Rama Road Neighborhood Park.

 Through these efforts, the Patrol hopes to serve as an extra set of eyes and ears on the streets of Stonehaven for the Officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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  1. Thanks to Linda Lee Davis for her great communications on issues in our neighborhood!


  2. If you are so concerned about our neighborhood perhapes you will stop ignoring our city ordinances by parking your patrol car in your fron yard and making our neighborhood look bad. Follow the law


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