5.11 Tactical Publishes Inforgraphic Highlighting Various States’ Concealed Carry Policy

From The Buckeye Firearms Association by Chad Baus, September 12, 2012

49 states have passed laws allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon (CCW). This law makes it perfectly legal for citizens to carry certain concealed weapons holstered to your belt or ankle, in a purse, or a pocket.

Illinois and the District of Columbia are the only No-Issue jurisdictions in the country where it is illegal to carry any type of concealed weapon.

The following infographic created by 5.11 Tactical clearly highlights each type of CCW license and the state’s policies:

  • Unrestricted – No permit is required to have a concealed weapon on your person
  • Shall Issue – As long as the citizen meets the states requirements a CCW license shall be issued
  • May Issue – If the citizen meets the requirements by the state a license may be issued, pending local law enforcement’s discretion
  • No Issue – CCW licenses are not issued

States of Honor: CCW Reciprocity Source: 5.11 Tactical

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