CMPD Begins Summer Initiative to Help Fight Crime

From WBTV by Coleen Harry, June 21, 2017

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they’re implementing a plan to better fight crime as summer gets underway.

“This organization is committed to fighting crime and preventing crime,” Chief Kerr Putney said during the department’s weekly press briefing. “We need the community to step up and assist us.”

The Summer Initiative

CMPD plans to extend the workday. Chief Putney says the department will use money from a federal grant to cover overtime costs.

The Chief says officers can sign up to for overtime and work in areas of the city that are ‘hot-spots’ to help fight crime and do community engagement.

The department is also expanding bike patrols and walking beats.

Chief Putney says he wants officers to be in high pedestrian traffic areas so they can be visible and help people feel safer. The department believes foot and bike patrols help prevent crime, give high visibility, and officers are able to move around more.

“It’s being able to truly know your community and those who are in it. So you know who goes and stand out,” Chief Putney said. “And the other big thing is people feel safer and more comfortable when they can approach you and have that conversation. It’s about the humanistic element to it but the preventive, high visibility is really what we’re after.”

The numbers

CMPD says so far this year, the department has had 46 homicides.

  • 34 of the victims knew their killers.
  • 11 of this year’s homicides were domestic-related.
  • 8 were robbery-related.
  • 7 stemmed from arguments.
  • Another 7 were drug-related.
  • Police say about half of the victims were between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • 37 of the victim were black.
  • 34 of the suspects are black.
  • 17 of the suspects have previous arrest charges.
  • 2 of the suspect this were previously arrested for murder.
  • 34 of the cases involved a gun.

CMPD says violent crime is trending down compared to the start of the year.

The chief is hoping the summer initiative will be an added value for communities.

“The goal is city-wide. Right now we’re moving for the summer but the goal is always city-wide,” Chief Putney said. “Lots of areas conducive to the type of foot patrol and we’re going to implement them as we bring on more resources.”

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CMPD Searching for Homicide Suspect

Repeat Offender Arrested 25 Times Over 3 Years, Cut-Off Ankle Monitor and Fled After Judge Reduced His Bond

From by Sarah Blake-Morgan, June 15, 2017

A Charlotte homicide suspect and known repeat offender is on the run after CMPD says he cut his GPS device Thursday.

Last year, a judge set a $200,000 bond for Ricco McHam19, who is accused of shooting and killing a man last Fourth of July.

(Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)

McHam was able to make bond and was required to wear an ankle monitor.

McHam was supposed to show up for court on Thursday, but didn’t. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says he cut his bracelet and took off.

Marcus Philemon, the founder of Court Watch”, a local group that keeps a close eye on cases in Mecklenburg County, especially involving repeat offenders like McHam, predicted this.

“I’m not surprised. He actually lasted a little longer out than we had expected,” Philemon said.

Philemon has been following McHam over three years and through dozens of arrests. After his murder charge, Philemon questioned why he was given bond in the first place.

“Why you would set a bond so low to allow a murder suspect with a track record to get even remotely close to where they could bond out, it’s an injustice to the community,” Philemon said. “We’ll never know why a judge decided to reduce the bond so low to where this individual could bond out”.

He did and now Philemon worries what he’ll do next since he’s already facing a murder charge.

“What does he have to lose? He’s been arrested 25 times in three years,” he said.

Police say McHam cut his monitor in the 4800 block of Park Road. They ask you to call Crimestoppers or 911 immediately if you spot him. 

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CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Finding Man Who Cut Off Electronic Monitoring Device

Man Wanted for Multiple Crimes in Charlotte

From, June 5, 2017

A man wanted for several crimes in the Charlotte area cut his monitoring device off, police say.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say 18-year-old Malik Danthony Medley cut off his electronic monitoring device Saturday. He was court-ordered to wear the device as a condition of his pretrial release.

Medley (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)

Medley is wanted for felony breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen foods, felony conspiracy, damage to property and interfering with an electronic monitoring device. 

Anyone with information on Medley’s whereabouts is asked to call 911 or the Electronic Monitoring Unit at 704-432-TIPS, option 3.

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CMPD’s Quarterly Stats Show 14% Rise In Violent Crime

From by David Boraks, May 10, 2017

Violent crime in Charlotte was up sharply during the first three months of the year, compared with a year ago. That’s according to statistics out Wednesday from Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.

Murder, robbery, assault and other violent crimes had been on the decline in Charlotte and across the U.S. over the past decade or so.  More recently it has been ticking back up, so CMPD is concerned.

“Eight years ago, we began a very precipitous decline in our crime numbers that we’re very proud of,” Deputy Chief Jeff Estes said at CMPD’s weekly crime briefing Wednesday.

“You know, as much as we’d like to take credit for that, and a lot of things that go into reduction in crime numbers … And so we have to take responsibility, some of it, when crime goes back up,” Estes said.

Overall crime was up 4.5 percent compared with the same period a year ago. Violent crimes are rising faster – at 14.4 percent.

A big jump in murders is part of that increase. So far this year, 30 people have been murdered in Charlotte. Last year at this time, the number was 16.

“What we believe, and what we see is that people, for whatever reason, want to solve their disputes through violence, increasingly handguns. So they think nothing of shooting rounds off in a neighborhood at each other,” Estes said.

There’s a bit of a bright spot: Nearly three-quarters of those murders have been solved. That may be because many involved people who knew each other. Many were related to drug deals, and some grew out of domestic violence.

Other categories with big increases included: robberies (up 20.1 percent), aggravated assaults (up 12.4 percent), and car thefts (up 11 percent). Burglaries were up 19 percent overall, but the biggest factor was a 68 percent increase in burglaries from businesses. Residential burglaries were up just 1.5 percent.

Larcenies were down 2.2 percent overall, but car break-ins were up, by 9.5 percent.

There were 55 arson fires, up 14.6 percent from 48 a year ago.

One of the few crimes to decline was rape – 74 were reported in the first quarter, three fewer than a year ago.


CMPD officials spent time at Wednesday’s briefing talking about successes.

Estes said CMPD has helped cut back on crime by beefing up patrols in high-crime areas, what the department calls its “Avalanche” program.  

He also noted that police made quick arrests in 16 burglary cases in the past few weeks. He said officers responded quickly and chased down suspects at the scene.  

“A lot of them (officers) ran them down on foot, with helicopters overhead, the dark of night, confusion, and they still were able to make catches,” Estes said. “And let me tell you, that means that there’s victims out there who will, at least we hope, get to see some justice.”

And Sgt. Celestine Ratliff presented information about CMPD’s Juvenile Diversion Program. It lets first-time non-violent offenders ages 6 to 17 avoid jail time by participating in education and community service. She said more than 80 percent of the youths referred to the program do not return to the criminal justice system within a year.

CMPD plans a Youth Symposium June 3 at the Police Fire & Training Academy on Shopton Road.


Estes also was asked to comment on news reports this week that the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police wants the city to do more to support officers, including providing bigger raises.

“You ask any cop do we need more cops, and they’ll tell you, yeah, absolutely,” Estes said.

As far as whether council is doing enough to support police, he said that varies from officer to officer. “I  would be very cautious to say any one speaks for every rank-and-file member,” Estes said.

He said he thinks the public and city council are fairly supportive. He welcomed the city’s plan to add 62 officers in next year’s budget.


May 10, 2017, CMPD handouts on 1st Quarter 2017 Crime Statistics and the Juvenile Diversion program, which gives youth 6-17 a second chance by participating in education and community service. (PDF)

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CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Locating Fugitive

From, May 2, 2017

Brandon Javon Pettus is wanted for Robbery with Dangerous Weapon, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Damage to Property, and Interfering with an Electronic Monitoring Device.

Pettus was court ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device as a condition of his pre-trial release.  On May 1,  Pettus cut off his electronic monitor and was last known to be in the area of Erskine Drive.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Brandon Pettus, should immediately contact the Electronic Monitoring Unit at 704-432-8888, option #3 or call 911.

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CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Identifying Robbery Suspect

From, May 3, 2017

Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Armed Robbery Unit are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect in the photographs below who is responsible for an armed robbery.

On Sunday, April 23, at 4:15 a.m., the suspect entered the 7-Eleven, located at 5115 Old Dowd Road in the Freedom Division.  The suspect implied he had a weapon and demanded property from the victim business.  Once the suspect obtained the property he fled the scene.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’9”, medium build and was last seen wearing a blue hooded jacket and black pants.

Anyone with information concerning this case or the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.  To learn more about the Crime Stoppers mobile app, please visit

The post CMPD asking for public’s assistance in identifying robbery suspect appeared first on News 1110 99.3 WBT.

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Woman Assaulted, Robbed in Parking Deck at South Park Mall in Broad Daylight

From WBTV by Alex Giles, April 20, 2017

Police are investigating after a woman was reportedly assaulted and robbed in the parking deck at South Park Mall.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in the parking deck outside Nordstrom. The victim, a 56-year-old woman, said a man hit her in the face and stole multiple items.

“I’m at the mall at two o’clock in the afternoon, going to my car, and I’m just blindsided.I was literally sucker-punched,” explained the woman.

(Alex Giles | WBTV)

(Alex Giles | WBTV)

According to the police report, the items that were stolen, including a diamond ring, car keys, purse and sunglasses, were worth several thousand dollars.

The woman said she never saw the attack coming.

“I saw people getting into their cars as I was approaching my car. I was totally aware of my surroundings and this came out of nowhere. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it,” said the woman.

Police said the robber then left in another vehicle toward Barclay Downs Drive.

No description of the robber has been released.

South Park management released this statement Thursday regarding the incident:

 The safety of our guests and mall employees is always our top priority. We continue to work proactively to ensure a safe and secure shopping environment at SouthPark.  SouthPark has a close working relationship with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and we collectively employ visible and behind-the-scenes security measures, including a 24-hour active patrol of the center and surrounding parking lots, use of CCTV, use of Segways and escorts to vehicles upon request.

The victim still has scratches and bruises from the incident. She said she is lucky to be alive, but is worried about her personal safety now.

“It’s scary as Hell that this is what’s happening and that you can’t feel safe. I can’t feel safe going to the mall.”

To see a video report about this incident use the link below:

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African-American Man Charged with Fire, Hate Crime Blamed on “White America” at Charlotte Store

Information and Photographs from, April 7, 2017

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have made an arrest in the case of a storefront being set on fire last week in east Charlotte.

Police say 32-year-old Curtis Flournoy, an African-American, has been charged with burning a building of trade, malicious damage by use of an incendiary material, felony breaking and entering, ethnic intimidation and anonymous or threatening letters.

The fire, which was contained mostly to the front door, happened Thursday at Central Market on Albemarle Road, which is owned by a refugee and immigrant from Bhutan. A rock was also thrown through a glass door panel.

A note left by the door read: “We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians and all immigrants.” It was signed “White America.”

The owner of the store, Kamal Dhimal, said he feels more secure now that a suspect is behind bars and he’s impressed by how quickly police worked.

“Yes, I’m surprised because he might be to blame. Anyhow, the police did it. CMPD… did a great job and I love their activities,” said Dhimal.

Dhimal also said some good things have come from the incident. He said someone left flowers at the front door as a show of support.

He hopes to reopen the store soon.

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CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Locating Man Wanted for Attempted Murder, Other Crimes

From, March 10, 2017

A man is wanted for multiple violent crimes in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say 29-year-old Christopher Crittenden is wanted for attempted murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, felony breaking and entering, damage to property and interfering with an electronic monitoring device. 

Crittenden (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)

Crittenden was court-ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device as a condition of his pretrial release. Police say Crittenden cut off the device Friday.

He was last known to be near the Walmart on N. Tryon Street. Crittenden is described as being around 5’11” and 205 pounds.

Anyone with information on Crittenden’s whereabouts is asked to call 911 or the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team at 704-336-VCAT.

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Landscaping Scammer Hitting Local Neighborhoods

From by Ty Chandler, March 3, 2017

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detectives want to talk to a landscaper who’s business practices seem to put green in his pockets but leaves his customers high and dry.

Police have six reports dating back to 2015, connected to Mark Autrey for swindling customers out of cash. Four of the cases are active and happened since December, primarily in the Dilworth neighborhood.

“He’s quite good at conning people,” said a woman who doesn’t want to be identified. “He does good work at first, so everybody trusts him.”

She says she purchased boxwood plants from him. Since he had made good on a sale to her employer, she says she didn’t think this would be a risky purchase.

“I was in the market for them and I told him yes and we agreed on a price, which was very reasonable,” she recalled.

The woman says Autrey asked her for a $100 deposit, that she reluctantly gave.

“He took the check and immediately cashed it, then he never showed up on the first delivery date,’ she said.

The woman says Autrey missed the second, third and fourth delivery date, also. Eventually, she says he stopped taking her calls.

“I’m pretty ticked off, yeah, and kicking myself for not knowing better,” she said.

Autrey has allegedly operated several different businesses, including Corner Stone landscaping. The company has an “F” rating on the Better Business Bureau website. One complaint claims he swindled a customer out of a $1,400 deposit for work never done.

“He’s just a real lowlife and he needs to be stopped,” she declared.

CMPD ask anyone with information about Autrey’s whereabouts, or if you have been a victim of a landscaping con, to contact them.

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