Surge in Crime costing CMPD in Overtime for Officers

From by Colleen Harry, August 16, 2017

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say so far in 2017 the department has seen an increase in violent crimes and that increase is costing the city.

“No matter what it takes for us – hours it is, how much lab time, what kind of leverage we have to bear, we’ll do that to make sure we investigate every single incident fully,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes. “For us, when you get an increase in crime particularly like homicide that does require us and the officers to work extra hours. The detectives to put in extra hours. Of course that costs money in funds for overtime.”

WBTV checked overtime costs for the department.

Police officials say between January and June of 2017, the overtime costs for the Violent Crimes Division was $203,835. Those numbers are compared to $175,803 for all of 2016.

“The chief is adamant that we investigate these cases and we do so quickly and thoroughly and to the best of our ability,” Estes said.

We also checked overtime for the entire department. Between January and June 2017, CMPD says the department had $2,255,612 of overtime. The total overtime for the entire department last year was $2,760,746.56.

On Wednesday, during the weekly press briefing, the department released the crime stats for the second quarter.

Police say at the end of June, property crimes decreased by nearly six percent and violent crime increased by less than one percent, which is compared to the same time last year. 

Compared to the end of June 2016, CMPD says there were:

  • 47 homicides {57 total for the year}
  • 982 robberies reported compared to 911, which is nearly a eight percent increase
  • 165 rapes were reported compared to 138. That’s an increase of nearly 20 percent. Investigators say “85 percent of those cases are the parties are known to each other prior to the instances that are taking place.”
  • 1983 aggravated assaults were reported compared to 2077 at the end of June 2016. Police say that’s around a five percent decrease.
  • Burglary has increased so far this year.
  • Total larceny cases have decreased by around nine percent
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