CMPD Investigating Shots Fired into Home Where Intruder was Killed

From, December 26, 2014

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating after shots were fired Wednesday into a house near Mint Hill where a 14-year-old shot and killed an intruder last week.

Around 3:15 a.m., police answered a call saying someone had fired shots at the house on Rolling Fields Road. No one was hurt and minor damage was done.

Early Wednesday morning, December 24, 2014, the house’s residents were awakened by gunfire. The 14-year-old was sleeping on a couch about 15 feet away from the window where the shots entered. He went to wake his grandparents as soon as he realized what was happening, he said. The shots soon subsided.

The family feels the shots were “more than likely retaliation” for last week’s encounter at the home that left an intruder dead.

Last Tuesday, the 14-year-old was home with his 73-year-old grandmother when they heard someone breaking into the house through a back window. In the 911 call, the 14 year old’s grandmother can be heard describing how her grandson told the intruder to leave and fatally shooting him when he did not.

The intruder was identified as Isai Delcid, 18. His brother Carlos Delcid was there too but ran from the scene. He has since been jailed and charged with first-degree burglary.

It is likely that whoever fired at the home pulled off of Highway 218 behind the house and shot from the backyard.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police remained on the scene Wednesday afternoon. No arrests have been made.

Police have said last week’s shooting was justified, and the 14-year-old has not been charged with a crime as the teenager was trying to protect himself and his grandmother.

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CMPD Searching for Suspects in December 28, 2014 Broad Daylight Home Invasion that Injured Elderly Woman

From, December 29, 2014

Police continue their search for three people who broke into a house, assaulted an elderly woman and stole her car early Sunday, December 28, 2014 afternoon.


The 72-year old victim, who family members tell us is named Norma Messer, is back home from the hospital. Her husband Jim told us two men and a woman came through the open back door while his wife was home alone, tied her to a chair, put a bag over her head and hit her several times. Her neighbor on Westcliff Drive, Susie Thomason spoke with us when she heard the news.

“It was just terrifying to see this happen to the neighbor right across from me,” Thomason said.

Police tell us the break-in took place at 1:00 in the afternoon.

“We all support each other around here,” Thomason said. “For this to happen this time of day, it was surprising.”

Messer’s injuries included a cut to her forehead and one to the back of her head, which her husband says required several staples. Police say the suspects also stole Messer’s car, a 2005 teal-green Nissan Altima. The license plate number is either PWP-1292 or PWP-1252 and there may be damage to the front passenger side of the car.

“Just please come forward, turn yourself in,” Thomason said. “Turn yourself in.”

If you see a car fitting that description and license plate number, CMPD says to give them a call right away.

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CMPD Arrests Man Accused in December 11, 2014 Armed Robbery

From, December 29, 2014

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have arrested a man accused of an armed robbery.

Terry Houston

Police said Terry Houston used a gun to rob two people on Freedom Drive on Dec. 11.

Houston is charged with two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of conspiracy.

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