Charlotte Attorney: DWI Penalties Aren’t Just for Cars

By DAN YESENOSKY / NBC Charlotte, June 25, 2014


If you get caught driving a car or truck while impaired, the penalty may be stiffer than you’d think.

Anthony Wayne, an associate attorney with the Reeves, Aiken & Hightower law firm in Charlotte, says drivers can get a maximum fine of $10,000, lose their license and can face prison time.

There are also penalties for driving a boat drunk, and with the 4th of July just nine days away, Wayne says people need to be aware that a BWI is at least a $250 fine.

“People are always surprised at how broad the statute is– about what a vehicle is and what is not a vehicle,” Wayne said.

He says plenty of other means of transportation can also get you into trouble: bicycles, motorcycles and motorized scooters can all lead to a DWI, and the law says the penalties are just as severe as when you’re impaired while driving a car.

On the water, whether you are driving a boat, a jetski, or even a surfboard, you can be charged with BWI.

“Yes, you could be cited for being a drunk surfer,” Wayne said.

Riding a skateboard under the influence is one of a few exceptions that will not result in a DWI, along with wheelchairs and motorized scooters for people with mobility issues and horseback riding.

“If you have to think about it, you probably shouldn’t do it,” Wayne said.

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