Bizarre Crimes from Charlotte Police Files, June 5, 2014

From by Ryan Pitkin, June 5, 2014

Water wars: Three senior citizens were all struck with the same projectile at a local Wendy’s last week. A 67-year-old man told police that a female behind the counter threw a cup of water at him. The water, he said, caused him to stumble backward and strike his arm on railing, drawing blood. The 75-year-old woman and 77-year-old man behind him were also recipients of the incoming liquid. They both reported being struck in the face and clothing with the cup’s contents. The suspect, who fled in an unknown vehicle before officers arrived, was an employee hanging out during her off-time.

Flip flopper: A 41-year-old man was enjoying a beverage on the patio of The Thirsty Beaver in Plaza Midwood last week when someone decided he needed to move from his seat — and fast. The victim told officers a man walked up behind him and lifted him and his chair off the ground, flipping them both. The victim injured his elbow on the concrete patio but was otherwise unharmed.

Carted out: A man called police on a Tuesday morning after witnessing a woman in Uptown have a tough time parking. The man said he was in his vehicle in a parking lot at 10 a.m. when he saw the woman enter the lot driving erratically. The woman barely missed a few vehicles before simply passing out behind the wheel right in front of the man. Police arrived, arrested the woman and seized her van.

Schoolyard Bully: Police got involved in a few altercations at Ashley Park Elementary School after a student spent the day taking on kids of all ages and genders. The report states that the kid walked up to a 9-year-old boy during class and punched him in the face. Later in the day, the kid began punching an 8-year-old girl in the arm and back, and then, at recess, he punched a 7-year-old in the back.

Hide and Seek: A girl went missing last week but police knew where to find her, though their technology wasn’t much help. After the 14-year-old girl ran away, her parents told police she does so constantly and that she is wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet but that it never works. The family knew exactly where she was: a 22-year-old man’s house. They requested police retrieve her.

Marlboro Hulk: Police responded to a vandalism call at a local convenience store after a man became upset that he couldn’t get any nicotine. The cashier told police that the man came in and told her that if she wouldn’t give him a pack of cigarettes for free, he would become very angry. He lived up to his word by pulling the fiberglass door that separated the two of them off of its hinges and breaking it in half.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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