CMPD Independence Division Releases April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014

Greetings Everyone,

Spring is officially here! So far, our crime numbers continue to do well for the Response Area. As of Monday morning, Part One crimes are down -8.6%. We experienced one armed robbery from business at Crownpoint Movie Theater. Officers conducted a thorough investigation over the next few days after the incident and the suspect was arrested during an unrelated call for service.

We have experienced an increase in Larceny from Auto in our commercial and apartment complex areas. The Sardis Road North and Village Lake areas have been targeted by means of lock punches and window breaks. Fortunately, two groups have been identified and arrested for the Larceny from Autos, so we are anticipating the larceny from auto to level out.

As the weather becomes warmer, we tend to see more and more foot traffic in the community. Be mindful when you are our running errands. Choose shopping centers that you are familiar with and only park in well lit parking areas. Make a point to check for any subjects who appear to be sitting dormant in their cars or subjects on foot that could be looking for opportunity.

Also, as spring break approaches, be mindful not to broadcast on social media that you will be out of town. Either have your mail stopped or have a trusted neighbor collect it daily for you. CMS schools’ spring break will be April 14-18.

In this issue I will cover the following:

28 day Crime Statistics
Key Arrests
Char-Meck Alert notifications
Char-Meck Court Watch
Social media crime prevention

Lieutenant Dave Cristy, Charlotte-Meckelnburg Police Dept., Independence Division

The first Quarter closed out for us with crime down 9% to start the year. That is great since we are coming off a year of 12% reduction!!

Violent Crime up 67% for the Year

Violent crimes are Homicides, Rapes, Robberies, and Aggravated Assaults.
Violent crime is up from LOW numbers last year. The robbery numbers are in line with our three year average.

• In 28 days we had 7 reported violent crimes:

1 rape (suspect is known to victim), 1 commercial robbery (cleared by arrest), 4 personal robberies, and 1 aggravated assault (no serious injury). Of the robberies, one was an attempt only. One was cleared by arrest; one was reported 8 days later and two have no leads.

Property Crime down 13% for the Year

• The number of Residential burglaries is down 10 from last year at this time. Our three year average for Breaking & Entering over a 28-day period is 2.4 per week. For this cycle, our response area is averaging 1 breaking and entering per week.

• Year to date, Larceny from Auto is up 38% compared to last year. This 28 day period we’ve had 24 reported compared to 10 last year for the same 28 days. Our increase in Larceny from Autos can be attributed to two groups that have been identified and arrested. One of these groups targeted various areas throughout the entire city, causing citywide numbers to increase as well.
This group included:

Irving Alvarado
H/M 12/19/96
Misdemeanor Larceny
*LFA suspect that was identified

Omar Jalam Cook
B/M 09/16/1988
Two counts attempted 1st degree murder, two counts assault on emergency personnel

Christopher Chisholm
B/M 02/12/95
Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle
*suspect arrested by Steele Creek officers in relation to citywide Larceny from Autos

Domonique Chisholm
B/M 03/18/1993
Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
*suspect arrested by Steele Creek officers

Nicholas Earl Waugh
W/M 01/18/1990
Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, 1st Degree Kidnapping, Assault with Serious Bodily Injury


CharMeck Alerts is being implemented due to the increasing number of our community members that use their mobile devices (cell phone and email) instead of landline home phone numbers for geo-notifier/reverse 911 alerts.

With this new alert system, YOU choose your preferred method(s) of delivery: text, phone, and/or email.

For more information and to get signed up go to

CharMeck Court Watch

Have you ever thought…What can I do to make my community safer? Here’s your chance!

Did You Know…

•97% of all criminal cases in Mecklenburg County are PLEA deals. Only 3% of cases each year ever go to a jury trial.

•Appromimately 50% of all felonies are dismissed during a plea deal.

•The local jail (intake) is approximately 1/3 empty.

Ways to get involved for the Independence Division:

•Learn how to track offenders impacting your neighborhood

•Sit in on court sessions of offenders being tracked to demonstrate community concern.

•Collect data from court hearings which will be posted on CharMeck Court Watch’s website for public view

•Attend bi-weekly meetings (2nd & 4th Tuesday each month) with other courtwatch members

If you would like to get involved, please contact us via one of the options below:

Officer Wes Corell 704(841-1477)

Officer Alissa Whaley 704(841-1477)

Our bi-weekly meetings are held at the Independence Division Team office located at 9315 Monroe Road, Suite G.

Social Media Crime Prevention For Parents

If your child has a smartphone or ipad/ipod chances are he/she may have one of these apps which are highly used in social media.

We strongly encourage parents to monitor their child’s social media accounts daily.


* Know your child’s username and password and check it periodically. There are many texting apps available to the public that allow for mobile phone users to text without it showing up on the phone bill.

* Implement rules of when your child cannot be glued to their social media (dinner, bedtime, homework).

* Enforce the rules that you have established!






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