Mecklenburg Jurors in 2008 Triple Murder Trial Hear From Hurd’s Jailhouse Friend

From News 14 Carolina by Kate Gaier, February 24, 2014

Jurors in the Justin Hurd murder trial heard from one witness who says the killings were a personal hit, ordered from New York, and it was about drugs and money. The witness says he and Hurd became friends in jail. Hurd is charged with killing Kevin Young, Kinshasha Wagstaff and Jasmine Hines in February of 2008.

Hurd came face to face with a former inmate who says the two were friends. Jimmy Williams says they became friends in jail, playing cards and basketball almost every day. Williams says Hurd came to him asking legal questions.

“If they didn’t have no physical evidence or witness, how would that portray my case?” said jailhouse friend Jimmy Williams.

He says Hurd began opening up about his case. Williams says he told him the murders of Kevin Young, Kinshasha Wagstaff and Jasmine Hines were a personal hit ordered from New York. And it was all over drugs and money.

“He said that he was an enforcer. He said when people owed money that they had to be dealt with, personally,” said Williams.

Williams says Hurd told him there were no witnesses because the other killer, Nate Sanders, was “taken care of” a few months later. And Hurd said innocent people died, but that was all part of the business.

“He said I tried to dispose of the body by putting them in the fire, burn them in the house fire. He said I tried to destroy all the evidence,” said Williams.

The defense spent a large part of the day questioning Williams and his credibility. They asked him about his past convictions in state and federal court, and his beliefs about the government. They also asked about him about his motive for testifying.

So far Williams is the only witness the defense has questioned at length.

Late in the afternoon jurors heard from a forensic chemist. He tested different debris collected from the burned home on Patricia Ryan Drive.

He said they all tested positive for gasoline.

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