Off-Duty CMPD Officers Save Man’s Life at UNC Football Game

By Glenn Counts / NBC Charlotte, December 25, 2013

Four off duty Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers are being hailed as heroes for saving a man’s life at last month’s UNC vs. Old Dominion football game.

“We had a really fun time that day. Andy had never been to a college football game,” said Deputy Chief Katrina Graue.

She invited three of her friends to watch the game, Lieutenant Steve Huber, Captain Gregg Collins and Retired Major Andy Leonard.

“As we were leaving a lady came running toward the gate and it looked like she was in distress,” said Graue.

The officers followed the woman, who led them to a man who was still in the stadium and was out cold.

“When we came upon him, in my opinion, he had already deceased, and what we were doing, we were just trying to give him every chance at life,” said Huber.

He and Leonard sprung into action giving the man CPR. Huber and Leonard have been friends for 25 years.

“I do believe the two of us, it was almost like we had been in training together the week before, I do think we fed off each other in getting done what needed to be done,” said Leonard.

Call it luck or call it providence, but both men had just recently completed a CPR refresher course. They did so well that when medics arrived they mistook them for pros.

“They called out to me asking me to make calls on certain things and moments of the guy when they were going to put him on a backboard and I had to tell the lady we’re not medics, we’re police officers. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Huber.

The officers can smile because the victim survived and just got out of the hospital this week. They hope to one day meet and get to know him.

“It’s probably the most amazing feeling I’ve had in my whole career,” said Leonard.

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