Trouble Came Knocking Before Charlotte Teen’s Murder

By Tony Burbeck / NBC Charlotte, December 4, 2013

Roommates of a pregnant teenager murdered while she slept early Wednesday morning say they had trouble the past two nights at their apartment with men showing up and looking for the teen’s boyfriend.

Police identified the 19-year-old as Ondrea Japonica Stevenson. Roommates say they recently let her move into the Little Rock Apartments with them because they knew her, and she was pregnant and homeless after having an argument with relatives.

Neighbors say Stevenson was about as quiet as they come and didn’t cause problems.

“She stayed in the house all day. She didn’t bother nobody. You’d never know she was in there until she came out the door,” said a neighbor, who doesn’t want to be identified.

Stevenson’s roommates say the door is where they started noticing potential trouble regarding her boyfriend.

“Last night around 10 o’clock, four guys came in looking for him,” said Carla Craig, who rented the apartment with her daughter and let Stevenson move in.

Craig says the same thing happened the night before, except with two guys who appeared to have some sort of beef needing to be settled.

Early Wednesday morning Craig had only been in the apartment for a few minutes and was walking down a hallway when she heard gunfire.

“I heard like five or six shots,” she said.

She does not know if it was the same group of men who previously showed up at the apartment.

She also heard screams. That’s when she went into the living room and found Stevenson dead on the living room floor.

Bullet holes through the apartment window lead straight to the couch where Stevenson slept.

“It was three dudes and they ran past the window and they were just shooting, and I heard the gunshots,” a witness said.

Roommates called relative DeeDee Craig for help.

“But I didn’t know what to say, just I’m on my way. I didn’t know it was that bad,” she said

Friends say Stevenson was shot in the chest and leg and says her unborn child did not survive.

“I don’t understand why it happened. That’s the question, I want to know why,” Craig said.

Friends do not think Stevenson was the target.

“The bullets were not for her,” the witness said.

Roommates say if the bullets were meant for her boyfriend, the shooters must have figured he too lived there, but he did not.

“I’m just in a state of shock right now too,” Craig said.

Four children, ages 1-3, were also in the apartment when Stevenson was murdered.

They were not hurt.

No one has been arrested.  Police have not released a motive.

Carla Craig says her family is being evicted from the apartment complex due to the shooting.

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