CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Locating Man Charged with Murder

From, November 24, 2013

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down Demontre Rice, a 27-year-old suspect in the death of a teenager shot on Lasalle Street early Saturday morning.

Suspect wanted in shooting death of teen

Credit: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police

Rice is wanted in the death of 17-year-old Stanley Taylor.

Police have obtained a murder warrant for Rice’s arrest, and they’re asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to call 911 or contact the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team at 704-336-8228 (VCAT).

Anyone with information about the incident should call 704-432-8477 (TIPS) and ask to speak directly to a homicide unit detective, police said.

Shortly after 4 a.m. Saturday, police responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call at the 1300 block of Lasalle Street, but couldn’t find a victim.

Soon afterward, Medic was flagged down on Statesville Avenue in connection with a man who’d been shot. It turned out to be Taylor, the teenager who’d been shot on Lasalle Street.

Police said witnesses had driven him away from the place where he’d been shot, and had then flagged down Medic for help.

Taylor later died.

Teen Victim Identified in Fatal North Charlotte Shooting

From, November 23, 2013

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department continues to investigate an early morning shooting that killed a teenager.

Officers responded to the 1300 block of Lasalle Street around 4 a.m. Saturday for a call regarding assault with a deadly weapon, but they didn’t find anyone.

A short time later, Stanley Naquon Taylor, 17,  was found near Stateville Avenue near I-85 — he’d been shot. Witnesses had driven Taylor away from the location and flagged down Medic for help, officials said.

Teen victim identified in fatal north Charlotte shooting

Stanley Naquon Taylor, 17

He was taken to Carolinas Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to Mecklenburg County records, Taylor was arrested in March of 2012 for misdemeanor drug possession, and again in July of this year for drug possession.

Anyone with information should call 704-432-TIPS.

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Dozens Charged at Charlotte DWI Checkpoint

From, November 24, 2013

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say four dozen charges were filed at an overnight checkpoint Saturday and early Sunday morning.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Police and Pineville Police assisted CMPD with the DWI checkpoint on Runnymede Lane near Michael Baker Place, near Myers Park High School.

Authorities say of the 48 charges filed, a total of 21 were arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Additionally, three were charged with driving while license revoked, eight for driving without a license, two for open container, and another 14 charged with traffic violations such as out of date tags and inspection.

CMPD’s BAT mobile was on site for the checkpoint, which ran from 11 p.m. Saturday through 3 Sunday morning.

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Gunman Sprays Charlotte Home with Dozens of Bullets, Injures Owner

From by Nate Stewart, November 21, 2013

Police are searching for a gunman who fired nearly 40 bullets at a man’s west Charlotte home Thursday night.

The victim was in his living room at his home on East Todd Lane when he was hit in his back and foot.

Ronnie Burris is out of the hospital and healing but is still shaken up.

Gunman sprays home with dozens of bullets, injures owner photo

There are more than 40 bullet holes on the side of his home striking feet from where Burris was sitting last night.

“It sounded like pow-pow-pow-pow,” Burris said.

Police said two suspects pulled up to Burris’ home and fired at his home shattering windows. He believes the men were using an automatic weapon.

“And then shot behind the chair that hole back there, that’s where they hit me from the bullet hole in the chair,” Burris said. “I was sitting right here.”

While Burris stayed on the sofa in the living room, his brother hid in a back room unharmed. As bullets rained down on the home, next door neighbor James Craig called 911.

“It sounded like a machine gun or something,” Craig said.

Burris’ was taken to Carolinas Medical Center Main and was released early Friday morning. With his bedroom taking the majority of the gunfire, Burris said it would have been a different ending if he was in bed.

“I would be dead right now. That bullet would have hit me right back in my head,” Burris said.

There have been no arrests in this case and the investigation is still ongoing.

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Man Shot at Northwest Charlotte Home

From, November 22, 2013

One person was seriously injured after a shooting at a northwest Charlotte home Thursday night.

Medic said a man suffered life-threatening injuries after he was shot at a home on East Todd Lane around 8 p.m.

Driver sought in deadly east Charlotte hit-and-run

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are still searching for a suspect and have not released a motive to the shooting.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600

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CMPD Seeking Driver in Deadly East Charlotte Hit-and-Run

From, November 22, 2013

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are looking for the driver of a white pick-up truck who hit and killed a woman crossing a street in east Charlotte Thursday night.

Police said Lola Williams was crossing 3100 block of Eastway Drive near Eastway Crossing Drive around 6:30 p.m. when she was hit and killed by a white truck.

The driver of the truck fled the scene after hitting Williams, police said. Williams was transported to Carolinas Medical Center where she later died from her injuries.

Witnesses described the driver of the truck as a white man approximately 30 years of age. 

The pickup truck had ladders and tool boxes in the bed of the truck and may have damage to the front bumper.  The pickup was last seen traveling north on Eastway Drive towards Central Avenue.

Anyone who witnessed this crash or has information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 or detectives at 704-336-3229.

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BBB Warns About Identity Theft and

From by Dianne Gallagher, November 21, 2013

Experts are worried users could run into additional problems once they finally are able to log onto

“ has had a number of issues based on how it was built out. So is one of those other issues the security protocols and encryption? Right now that is the question,” said Tom Bartholomey, of the Better Business Bureau.

He noted that users must enter personal information like Social Security and Medicaid numbers, as well as bank account information.

“You’ve got to know hackers and scammers are trying to figure out a way because of the treasure trove of information that’s there. It’s an identity thief’s dream,” explained Bartholomey.

The government has said more than a dozen unsuccessful hacking attempts have been made on  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has hired a hacker to search for holes in the system.

Bartholomey said people should look for “HTTPS” or the little lock on the address bar, to make sure it is not a dummy site.  He also suggests monitoring your bank accounts and credit reports after signing up on the website.

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Heroin Overdoses on Rise in Charlotte Area

From by Mark Becker, November 21, 2013

It is Charlotte’s invisible drug epidemic, and it’s killing people in record numbers.

9 Investigation: Heroin overdoses on rise in Charlotte area gallery

The drug is heroin, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said heroin overdoses are reaching an all-time high as drug cartels from Mexico move their product silently and swiftly in neighborhoods and shopping centers practically unnoticed.

“We’re absolutely seeing more of it now than we ever have,” said an undercover CMPD officer who has been working the heroin problem for several years.

Eyewitness News was along as another undercover officer met a dealer in a south Charlotte parking lot and bought almost a gram of heroin — only 15 minutes after placing the call.

“So we actually completed a heroin deal in about 15 minutes and it took place and you never saw it,” the officer said.

It’s one measure of the sophistication of the heroin dealers and the saturation of the Charlotte market, a target, police said, because there is plenty of money here.

Another measure is the staggering amount of heroin they have found on the streets here.

“Here we have 3.6 kilograms of black tar heroin,” the vice officer said as he stands next to a pile of baseball-size bags full of what looks like molasses or tar, worth almost a million dollars, that was headed for Charlotte’s streets.

The most telling measure of the problem here may be the number of overdoses. There have been 60 so far this year, a record and more than double the number just three years ago.

“I’m the one that gets to notify the parents that their son or daughter has died and that strikes home very quickly,” said Lt. Nate King, who decided to launch a task force on the city’s south side to address the problem that has also brought an increase in street crime.

“Absolutely. It’s not a victimless crime because when that individual runs out of a source of income, he’s the guy that’s breaking into your houses. He’s the guy that’s breaking into your cars,” the vice officer said.

King is taking his task force to other parts of the city, briefing school nurses and officers in other divisions so they know what to look for on the street and in schools.

As long as the next fix is only 15 minutes away, police know they’re fighting an uphill battle.

“You’ve got kids walking around. Absolutely too easy,” the undercover officer said as he surveyed the parking lot where the latest deal had just gone down, once again, almost unnoticed.

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City, County Taxpayers Could Be on Hook for $28 Million in Eastland Mall Project

From By Brad Broders, November 21, 2013

Taxpayers in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will be expected to foot some of the bill if the planned Studio Charlotte project is built in east Charlotte.

The ambitious plan would add sound stages, apartments and a film school on the former site of Eastland Mall.

Thursday, council’s Economic Development Committee unveiled a tentative plan for the total $296 million estimated cost.

The developer hopes to buy Eastland’s more than 80 acre property for a dollar, and receive $28 million in city and county tax reimbursements.

“There’s a cost of doing something and then there’s a cost of doing nothing, and we feel like the cost of doing something is minimal,” said Bert Hesse of Studio Charlotte.

City of Charlotte staff will present more details in January and hope to have a final proposal for the city council to consider in April.

Eastland Mall’s demolition will be complete in the spring.

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CMPD Searching for Suspect Who Carjacked and Shot Driver


From, November 20, 2013

One man suffered life-threatening injuries when someone jumped into the SUV he was in and shot him Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

It started just before 4 p.m. as an armed robbery at the Parkland Commons Apartments on Parkland Circle.  Police said the suspect got into a Chevy Tahoe with the man and a 7-year-old child inside.  The man was then shot.

Officers found the Tahoe about a half-mile away at Delta Crossing Apartments.  Medics transported the victim to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment.  The child was recovered safely.

Dorothy Robinson lives in the complex and said she is on edge, considering no arrest has been made.

“He had to live there because there is no way he come out of the blue and take somebody’s car,” she said, adding that the area has seen an increase in crime.  “A week ago, somebody broke into my sister’s car.  And our kids play outside.  If you can’t have security outside, what do we got?”

Witnesses said her father left the SUV running to go into the leasing office.  When he returned, the truck was gone.

“He didn’t speak English — nobody understood what he was saying.  All he was saying was, ‘Help,’” said one witness.

A man who came by the apartment later Wednesday evening claimed he a friend of that father.

“I just let him borrow the car.  He was going to use it — he was going to move some stuff.  I don’t know what happened,” he said.

No arrests have been made.

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Teenager Shares Story of Being Sex-Trafficked for Money in Charlotte

From by NataliePasquarella, November 19, 2013

Human trafficking is still growing in Charlotte and that includes child trafficking.

Eyewitness News has reported on a number of recent busts and a girl is sharing her firsthand account after she says she was trafficked for money.

“It’s like everything’s numb,” said Tiara Austin.

9 Investigation: Teenager shares story of being trafficked for money

Austin said she can’t believe where she was just a year ago at 17 years old being sold for sex.

“I couldn’t really get through that physical trauma anymore, like it took a toll on my body,” Austin said.

Austin wanted to share her story on camera to help other girls.

She said last October, her friend met a man and wanted to visit him in South Carolina.

“They had been talking for a while and that he made her feel comfortable,” Austin said.

Austin agreed to go too.

She said she left her Charlotte high school and took a bus to the transit center. She showed Eyewitness News the spot where she says her nightmare began, and Austin became emotional.

“I guess I’m shaking and nervous now, because I went through a lot,” she said.

Austin said the man picked up the girls at the transit center, but didn’t take them to her home like they’d planned.

“We thought we were going to be in a house, but then we pull up and it was a hotel,” Austin said.

Austin said inside the hotel, he gave her a piece of paper with prices on it. What followed was several hours of sex with several men.

“I really couldn’t do anything because they were already there, and he was next door, and I was just afraid that if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do that I would get in trouble,” Austin said.

It went on for a week. Austin said she was terrified, but also confused because her trafficker told her he cared for her and she believed him.

Police said that feeling of attachment is common.

“For lack of a better term, they’re sweet-talking them,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Detective Michael Melendez.

Melendez said traffickers assume the role of caretaker to lure girls in.

“You’re dealing with teenagers who are fighting a lot with their parents, and then here comes this guy, often times telling them they love them, they’ll take care of them,” Melendez said.

CMPD was a part of two recent human trafficking cases.

In August, Juan Gray-Sommerville was convicted of human trafficking. According to court documents, he met at 14-year-old online, picked her up at her school in Morganton and then arranged for her to have sex with men at a Charlotte hotel.

Tony Drum was arrested last month. Police said he met a girl online and picked her up at her home in South Carolina then brought her to Charlotte to have sex with men.

Melendez said CMPD street officers have benefited from recent training on how to spot human trafficking.

“Information is getting to us faster,” he said.

Melendez said parents need to monitor the websites their children visit.

Austin agreed and she said she might have avoided getting in the cab that day if those around her would have asked more questions.

“Even if it’s something you don’t feel comfortable about talking to your kid about I feel like you should swallow your pride, and talk to them, because if you’re not talking to them, somebody else is,” she said.

Austin receives support right now from a group that helps sex traffickers while at the same time teaching them skills in the restaurant business. Here is a link to the organization.

Here are links to more nonprofit groups that help victims:

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