CMPD Using Motorcycles to Fight Crime in Apartment Complexes

From By Brigida Mack, November 14, 2013

Police in Charlotte’s Steele Creek are using a new take on a old way of fighting crime to keep violent crime out of apartment complexes.

WBTV has leaned robbers are targeting apartment complexes along Archdale and Arrowood Roads.

CMPD Officer Alex Cruz says officers are getting out of their cars and patrolling on foot or motorcycles.

“They’re able to go into areas that we obviously in vehicles can’t get to and even officers on foot can’t get to,” he said.

Cruz also said robbers are laying in wait for their victims, lurking in dark corners, wooded areas or even holed up in vacant apartments.

“They’re actually watching people get out of their vehicles, walk into their apartments or walking from the apartment and getting into their vehicles,” he said.

He also says it’s important for police to continually brainstorm for new and different ways to fight crime.

“We just have to look at different approaches that we’re doing,” said Cruz. “Things that have worked in the past — things that haven’t worked in the past.”

But Cruz says this approach is working — and residents are on board, too.

“They like it,” he said. “They see us on foot; we engage them in conversation. They feel a little more comfortable approaching us and talking about issues going on.”

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