Charlotte Non-Profit Group Helps Abuse Victims

By ANN SHERIDAN / NBC Charlotte, September 23, 2013

Would you know if the woman who sits next to you at work,  or the friend who carpools your children each day,  could be the victim of abuse?

It’s a question Safe Alliance wants employers to start considering.

“We  know that one in four women are abused. I have 280 employees. So do the math. It’s startling, right?” said Verizon Wireless Call Center Manager Connie Chaffins.

Chaffins says there are three women who work for her now  who have been abused and are seeking help.

Verizon has been active in getting those victims the support they need.  But only three out of ten companies have a Domestic Violence workplace policy.

Chaffins has made it her business to know her employees so that she can spot if something feels wrong.

“I’m open to the idea that that’s the statistic in my building. Whether I can see it or not.  I know abuse isn’t only the woman who walks in here with a black eye,” she says.

Verizon Wireless partners with Safe Alliance, a Charlotte non-profit  group that helps abuse victims.  Safealliance is pushing for more companies to take the lead, and spot abuse.

“So if it’s summertime and you notice someone is coming in later or is missing a lot of work or taking a lot of phone calls or maybe wearing long sleeves on a very hot day,”  said Carol Roth, Safe Alliance Director of Community Relations.

Roth is urging business leaders to look for abuse, get to know their employees, so they can spot when something seems different, wrong.  Safe Alliance will be holding a summit in October to encourage other businesses to get involved.

To learn more you can go to their website at

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