Charlotte Officials Eyeing New Alert System for Emergencies

From by Nate Stewart, September 13, 2013

Charlotte started looking into an alert system earlier this year which would update anyone with a cellphone in the event of an emergency. The city’s current system only notifies landline phones.

This new system would run the city nearly $725,000.

Homeowner Angelica Carter has called Price Street her home since 2006, but with record rainfall and flooding this summer, she says she almost lost everything.

“This is what it looks like after the flood,” Carter said.

Carter said she had no notice of the rising water on July 12 when just about every home on her street was underwater.

“None whatsoever. My mom called me at work. I couldn’t get home in time to get her,” Carter said.

Now the city of Charlotte is looking to approve a new alert system that would give residents that much needed notice. It works by sending mass notifications to citizens cellphones, mobile devices, email and even social media.

“I think that would be great. Being that my mom couldn’t contact me at work, if I would have received that text message through my phone, I probably would have been able to come to the house and save some of our items,” Carter said.

The neighbors agree.

“It would give people a chance to know if it was coming to get out,” said Rosiline Anthony.

After the initial cost, the city will have to pay almost $50,000 in maintenance costs, all of which will be paid for through a Homeland Security grant.

If the city approves the new alert system next week, it could start working two weeks later.

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