67-Year-Old Charlotte Man Says He is Thankful to Be Alive After Being Shot Over $90 Bike

From http://www.wsoctv.com by Nate Stewart, September 9, 2013

On Monday night,  police continue to look for the gunman in a shooting while the victim said he is lucky to be alive. He’s asking for justice after he was shot over a $90 bike.

67-year-old says he is thankful to be alive after being shot by robbers photo
67-year-old says he is thankful to be alive after being shot by robbers

Fresh out of the hospital, and still recovering from a gunshot wound, 67-year-old Allen Thompson said he’s thankful he’s alive to even talk about it.

“That is hard to believe, a young boy would shoot an old man,” he said.

Thompson said a man stole his 8-year-old grandson’s bike. Then on the way to the store with his wife and 2-year-old granddaughter, he said he saw the same man with the bike.

“I said, ‘Hey man, where you get that bike from?’ He said, ‘I bought it from somebody.’ I said, ‘You better call them and get your money back, because I’m going to get the bike,'” Thompson said.

Thompson then placed the bike in the back of his truck and went down the street to turn around.

“I came back up the street he just started shooting my truck. The third shot he shot, that’s when I felt something hit me in my back,” he said, “He could have killed me. He could have killed my wife or killed my grandbaby. Or he could have killed all three of us.”

Sunday night police roped off Foxford Place where the shooting happened and began interviewing potential suspects.

Monday afternoon Thompson showed Eyewitness News the bullet holes in his truck that barely missed hitting his granddaughter.

“The doctors were telling me I should be thankful for the seat, because if it hadn’t been for the seat, the bullet would have gone straight through my heart,” he said.

Thompson said he wouldn’t have gone to get the bike back if he knew there was going to be gunfire. He’s hopeful for an arrest.

“I want justice. I want them to get him, because if he did it to me he’ll go and do it to somebody else,” he said.

On Monday afternoon, police showed Thompson and his wife a picture line up of potential suspects.

Eyewitness News was told police are still looking for the suspect in this shooting.

If you have any information you’re urged to call police.

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