Another Example of the Right to Keep & Bear Arms in Action

Store Clerk Pulls Gun on Armed robber

From, September 4, 2013

A would-be robber faced off with a store clerk, and lost.

Jon Lewis has only worked here for a few months, but has been carrying a gun on his hip for a lot longer.

“I’ve had a weapon on me a good portion of my life,” Lewis said.

Lewis is a veteran, a former undercover detective and prison guard.

“A person should not have to live in fear, we’ve fought too hard to make this a free country shouldn’t be afraid every time you walk out your door,” he said.

On Sunday, when a man walked into his shop and pulled a gun on Lewis, demanding money, he knew what to do.

Surveillance video shows how quickly he reacted.

“I put my hand out he kept leaning over counter like trying to get gun out, it got a little higher and brought mine out and put it against his mouth. I told him to get the ‘f’ out of here before I blew his effing head off – that’s what I said.”

The man left, empty handed and with more than surprise in his eyes.

“It looked like he was high or drunk or something,” he said. “Dumbfounded like he couldn’t believe it just happened.”

But Lewis still thought he might fire shots into the building, so he went to a doorway in a back room.

Lewis said he is happy with his split second decision.

“Yeah, I’m proud of what I did, as long as that pistol was here, but if I saw a glimpse of that barrel, then we’d be closed right now having to do a cleanup, he would have been dead,” Lewis said.

Police are still looking for the suspect

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