CMPD Issues Warning About License Plate Thefts

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. is asking residents to pay attention to their license plates when they leave their homes for work or when returning to their vehicles from shopping or eating out to make sure the plate displayed on their vehicle is the proper plate.

There has been a rash of license plate thefts and even license plate switching in connection with robberies and stolen vehicles.

Individuals are stealing vehicles, often to be used in robberies, and then switching the plates from the stolen vehicles with license plates from the same model vehicles found in other areas of the city. As a result, when a police officer checks the plates of a vehicle that matches the description of a vehicle that has been reported as stolen, the plates are registered to the same model vehicle, but not reported as stolen.

Also as a result, unknowing and innocent vehicle owners have been pulled over due to their vehicles displaying license plates that match vehicles have been reported as stolen because the plates were switched by the car thieves.

CMPD Officers report that they have captured individuals carrying backpacks full of license plates that have been marked to  denote the model of car from which they were removed and selling the plates for $20 each. Individuals buy the plates and place them on stolen vehicles that are used to commit crimes, most often robberies.

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