NC State Senator Discusses Bill to Arm Teachers, Volunteers

From, January 31, 2013

After the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, a North Carolina state senator said his new bill is all about protecting children by allowing guns into schools.

“You would have a lockbox in the school and if the emergency arose they could go and pick up the weapon which they’re very well trained and familiar with,” said Sen. Stan Bingham, R-Davidson County.

This legislation is different than that proposed in other states. Bingham wants one person — a teacher or volunteer — to have access to the gun and be labeled the school safety marshal.

“It’s sad but the nature of what’s happened in the last 10 years, the number of people where there’ve been incidents where kids are bringing firearms to school,” Bingham said.

The trained professional would also have a special uniform. That way no one would be confused over why he or she had a gun.

Eyewitness News asked people in Uptown what they thought of the idea.

“I don’t approve of that. I don’t think having guns in the school is really going to solve the problem,” said Scott Christian.

Christian said the schools need to look at other ways to protect kids.

“I think there’s other measures a school can take to make sure that people that aren’t supposed to be in school at that moment aren’t there,” he said.

Even if this law is passed, Bingham said it will not be mandatory. It’ll be up to individual school districts.

In South Carolina, a lawmaker is pushing a bill that would allow any teacher with a concealed carry permit to carry guns in school.

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