Did ‘Gun Free’ School Zones Act Cause a 370% Increase in Violent School Deaths?

There has been a 370% increase in the rate of school shooting deaths since the Gun Free School Zones Act was enacted in 1994

From Grass Roots North Carolina, www.grnc.org, December 15, 2012 via ten8.wordpress.com

The first notable school shooting was the University of Texas massacre in 1966. From then until the “Gun-Free Schools Act” was passed in 1994, implemented in 1995, there were 29 more, about 1 per year with 67 people killed, which averages to 2.4 per year. Since “Gun-Free” School Zones Act there have been 87 incidents, 5 incidents per year resulting in 192 killed, bringing the average to 11.3 per year.

That’s a 370% increase in the rate of school shooting deaths since the Gun Free School Zones Act was enacted in 1994.

Compare that with the U.S. homicide rate, which decreased by 14% since the GFSZA was enacted (1950 to 1994 vs. 1995 to 2007).

This begs the question: why is the murder rate going down in overall society where carrying firearms has become more common due to concealed carry laws, yet it has nearly quadrupled on educational property which has a near absolute ban on guns?

Contrary to the common belief of pop culture, actual data leads to the conclusion that the “Gun-Free” School Zones Act is responsible for an increase in the murder of innocents by a multiple of 3.7 times. As always, areas in which victims are disarmed actually attract violent predators.

More Gun Control on the Way

Despite the testimony of actual numbers, it is certain that this tragedy will not be allowed to “go to waste.” Anti-Gun politicians’ calls for more gun control as a solution will soon reach orgiastic heights. The horrors being replayed repeatedly before our eyes are indeed humbling.

How one can do such terrible things to his fellow human beings is beyond understanding. There are those, however; who can and have done such things and sadly, will again.

The solution does NOT lie in disarming society. No matter how noble the idea, civilization will never succeed in disarming the wicked. Disarming those with normal intentions and good will merely removes the final protections society has against wholesale destruction.

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