Watauga County Deputy’s Death Resonates with Mecklenburg Deputies

From http://www.wbtv.com By Dedrick Russell, July 27, 2012

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Deputies from Mecklenburg county are thinking about the loss of Watauga County Deputy Sheriff William Mast, Jr.

He died early Thursday morning in the line of duty while answering a 911 call.

“You just think – that could have been me,” Mecklenburg County Deputy Sheriff Antonio Monroe said. “I do the same thing, but it also keeps you from getting lax and you do always have to stay alert – always because no day is the same ever.”

Monroe is on the Domestic Violence Unit in Mecklenburg County. He serves warrants. He knows his job is dangerous because he never knows what he will confront when going from place to place looking for people.

“It’s not if it will happen,” Monroe said. “When you are dealing in law enforcement – it’s when.”

Mast’s death has Monroe keeping his safety training in mind. It takes about 12 weeks to work in the domestic violence unit in the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office.

He remembers to stay observant when doing his job.

“While he has the door opened,” Monroe said. “I’m looking inside the residence looking at them.”

And he remembers to tell the dispatcher his location.

“Your help has to know exactly where you at,” Monroe said. “So they can come assist you.”

Monroe says Mast’s death was an eye opener.

Monroe claims some Mecklenburg county sheriff’s deputies will attend Mast’s funeral for support.

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