SCP Responds to Suspicious Vehicle Report Involving Possible Breaking and Entering

Report by Brian Lutes, July 23, 2012

The Stonehaven Community Patrol responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle possibly involved in a residential breaking & entering on Monday, July 23, 2012 at approximately 8:15 PM in the 7000 block of Rocky Falls Rd.

A resident of Rocky Falls Rd. reported that a silver pick-up truck was stopped outside of a residence in the cul-de-sac at the end of the road and that a hispanic male was loading items, including a gas grill, from the yard of the home into the bed of the truck. The reporting resident said that they didn’t know if the home’s resident was at home, but that they didn’t recognize the vehicle or its driver.

Upon arriving in the 7000 block of Rocky Falls Rd. the SCP observed the vehicle described by the reporting resident, the vehicle was being driven by a Hispanic male, and that there was a gas grill among other large items in the bed of the truck. These circumstances matched exactly what had been said by the reporting resident.

As the vehicle was approached by the SCP it began to leave the area and was detained as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers were notified of the situation and requested to respond to the scene.

Through the course of the investigation it was found that the vehicle’s driver did not possess a driver’s license of any kind, but owned the vehicle, and the only identification he could provide was a passport issued by the government of Mexico. The picture in the passport was the individual operating the truck and the name on the vehicle’s registration information matched the name that was listed in the passport.

Upon the arrival of CMPD Officers, the SCP was able to leave the individual and make contact with the resident of the home from where the grill was taken; the resident reported that they had given the driver of the pick up truck permission to take the grill as they had intended to have it hauled it away as trash.

Upon finding that the driver of the pick up legally possessed the items in the bed of the truck he had to deal with not having a driver’s license with the CMPD Officers.



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