Arsenal Firearms Introduces ‘Double-Barreled’ .45 Pistol

From, March 12, 2012

Italian gun manufacturer Arsenal Firearms has created the world’s first double-barreled .45 to commemorate the 100th birthday of the famous Colt 1911-A1.

Depicted in a video you can watch by copying and pasting the following web address into your web-browser:, instead of having to hold two separate pistols, you can now combine them into a single weapon. Of course we’re not entirely sure how accurate these suckers are, but the manufacturer claims that the gun can deliver to bullets 1-2 inches apart (depending on the distance to the target). Regardless of the ridiculous amount of stopping power, the gun looks excellent, and is at least twice as menacing as a normal pistol.

Double barrell

Born out of an idea from Swiss armorer Vivian Mueller about ten years ago, the AF2011-a1, or “Twenty-Eleven” as it’s nicknamed, took about six-months of hardcore modeling and development before it became a reality. Since the company didn’t just slap together two Colt-style pistols, a lot of the hardware had to be machined by hand to create a working mechanism.

For ammunition, the gun uses two straight-stacked clips that feed directly into each of the dual chambers. Buyers of the weapon can choose how to shoot said ammo by having one solid trigger that fires both rounds at the same time, or two separate and independent levers that allow each chamber to be emptied independently of the other.

There is no word on pricing on the AF2011-a1 at this time, but there is plenty of discussion going on about the accuracy of the weapon.

Arsenal claims that it’s engineered in a way that gives it a pretty accurate spread, but no video of bullets hitting a target is shown. With the recoil of two .45 caliber bullets being fired at the same time, a person would have to be a steady shot to hit their desired target.

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