South Charlotte ATM Shooting Witness: “I knew it was a gunshot”

From, January 26, 2012 by Kristy Etheridge, Reporter

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – One of just a few witnesses in a South Charlotte shooting talked exclusively to WBTV Thursday.

Ola Antonissen was walking out of Curves at the Foxcroft shopping center off Fairview Road when she heard a gunshot.


“I heard this pop sound, and even though I’ve never heard a real gunshot before, I pretty much knew it was a gunshot,” said Antonissen.

Her eyes followed the sound to a nearby Wells Fargo ATM in the middle of the parking lot.

“I saw the door to the ATM, the back door where nobody usually goes in, I saw it was open and I thought that was strange. Then I saw somebody run to the left really fast, and somebody sort of run to the right. I was more focused on the person running to the left just because that was where my eye drew,” she said.
It turns out her eye was drawn to the suspected shooter.  At the time, Antonissen wasn’t sure if she was looking at the victim or the gunman.  She just saw a hunched-over figure in a gray sweat suit running away.
“I was trying to figure out what to do to protect myself first of all, because I didn’t know if it was one of these shootouts where somebody just goes shooting,” said Antonissen.
She said something inside her told her to just stand still and keep quiet, so that’s what she did.  For a minute, she was the only one standing in the parking lot.  Then, two men came out of a nearby building to see what had happened.
Someone called the police, who showed up just a few minutes later to take a statement from Antonissen and investigate the shooting.
Antonissen later found out a woman who worked out of a Loomis armored car had been shot in the shoulder and was in critical condition.  That’s when she realized how fortunate she was to be ok.
“It’s 8:30, 8:40 in the morning. For someone to have done that, they could do anything,” said Antonissen. “If he saw me standing there, just looking at him, and he had a gun, he might’ve thought, well she just witnessed it, and that could’ve been very dangerous.”
Three days after the shooting, police and FBI agents are still looking for the shooter.  A $20,000 reward is offered for information that leads to his arrest.
The condition of the victim, 47 year old Lakeda Duncan, is unknown.  At last check she was in critical condition with life threatening injuries.
Antonissen said she’s praying for Duncan every day, as she thanks God for her own blessings.
“I definitely have belief in God, and I feel like that morning He was protecting me,” she said. “It wasn’t my time.”
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