Oakhurst Neighborhood Gets Help From WCNC News Channel 36

By BOBBY SISK / NewsChannel 36 Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NewsChannel 36 is looking out for homeowners in Charlotte’s Oakhurst neighborhood off Monroe Road. 

 To watch the video report of this story from NewsChannel 36 use this link:
They contacted NewsChannel 36 complaining to anchor Bobby Sisk about an abandoned overgrown house there.
Friday, Bobby has the update that has neighbors pleased

For seven years, neighbors say an overgrown home on Raney Way in Charlotte.  Under all the vines, brush and weeds there was a brick house neighbors  say was often home to squatters.

After we first reported on this home three months ago, we got in touch with city code enforcement to investigate why it was left sitting there. The city immediately took action.

“They had actually come out and mowed the grass.  Done some on site cleanup,” said John Eft

“The city had actually decided to demolish the property,” said Eft.

That’s what Eft and other neighbors wanted at first.The eyesore torn down altogether, but the property was also for sale. And as it turns out, a buyer came forward andd got the city’s approval to rehab the house.

For Eft, the difference already is dramatic and it really is a best case scenario for his neighborhood.

“He’s been working on it about 3 weeks and you can see the house is 1000 percent better than it was when you were here three months ago, two and a half months ago… so that’s a welcome change,” said Eft.

For years Eft kept notes on activity at the house, hoping he’d get the previous owners or the city to do something.
His advice to anyone who has an eyesore in their neighborhood is to be diligent.

He’s glad the city started the demolition process, but he’s much happier the new owner decided to bring the house back up to code.

We’re looking out for you.  Let us know if you have a story you think we need to check out.

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