England: What a Disarmed Country Looks Like

From The United States Concealed Carry Association

By Buckeye Firearms Association(08/19/2011)

How would you feel if your city erupted into violent chaos and all you had to defend yourself was … an aluminum baseball bat? 

That’s been the unfortunate reality for citizens of England in recent weeks. Here’s how an NRA report described the situation:

London and other UK cities look like war zones and their citizens are afraid to venture out, because the danger is very real …

… it was reported this week that sales of one type of aluminum baseball bat on Amazon UK rose 6,541 percent. In many places, it was reported that police were unable to stop the mayhem. As a result, panicked, defenseless law-abiding citizens were forced to flee their homes, while others watched as their businesses were destroyed …

An August 11 Herald Sun article reported one resident as saying, “its absolute bedlam on the street.  People have been openly looting for an hour, two hours, and the police have been ineffectual. They’ve done nothing.” Another victim, who was trapped in her hair salon in Clapham Junction while a mob smashed its way in and trashed it, said, “They were mocking us, [saying] ‘look, look, they look scared’.  Where is the police? I want protection. This is what they’re here for . . . I’m not secure at my workplace. I’m not secure at my home place. Will they be there to protect us tonight? They weren’t here to protect us last night.”

The Telegraph.com.au reported on Tuesday that mobs were forcing hapless victims to strip off their clothes while being robbed, and described a shocking video that shows a bleeding, already-pummeled teenager being robbed in broad daylight by lawless thugs who pretend to help him to his feet, and then steal the contents of his backpack while he can barely remain standing, much less defend himself.

This is what a disarmed country looks like. This is how little is left when free men and women surrender their right to own a firearm.

We’re fortunate to be citizens of the United States, where we have the Second Amendment to protect our right to bear arms and enable us to be prepared for situations like this. But just as our Constitution is unique, so is our tradition of firearm ownership. The rest of the world looks upon us as barbarians clinging to our guns while they, supposedly, have evolved beyond such primitive ideas.

Will this calamity convince English lawmakers to change their position on guns? Not likely. Nor will it sway the rest of the world where guns are harshly regulated or banned.

English leaders won’t learn a lesson from this senseless situation. But we can. We can see what a disarmed country looks like. And we can keep fighting any attempt to make the U.S. more like England or other countries, with helpless citizens desperately placing orders for aluminum baseball bats while buildings burn and gangs rule the streets.

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