South Carolina Couple Shot At, Robbed in Charlotte

By RICHARD DEVAYNE / NewsChannel 36 –

June 28, 2011

YORK, S.C. — David Mathis borrowed a late model white Cadillac from a friend late Sunday night to drive to Charlotte to pick up his girlfriend from her job as an exotic dancer in Charlotte.

Mathis said his girlfriend Brittany Sandefur works at the Uptown Cabaret.  Mathis said he arrived at the club around 1:30 a.m. Monday to pick her up as he had done many times before.

He said that someone may have been watching him and figured that he was a perfect target for robbery.

“They saw the car and thought we had some money,” Mathis said.

After picking up Sandefur, they drove back toward York, S.C. Mathis said he stopped twice on the way. The first stop was to get gas at a service station in Lake Wylie on Highway 49.
They made another stop at a fast food restaurant.

Then Mathis said he did something unplanned, which might have saved his life. He drove to his mother’s house in Charlotte instead of heading home.

“I don’t know why.” Mathis said.  “But I just did.” 

When Mathis pulled up to the front yard, he noticed a truck pulling up behind him. A man got out of the truck, walked up to Mathis and asked for directions.

“He said, ‘Man do you know how to get back to South Tryon?’  Then he said, he said ‘Bro I ain’t going to lie.  This is a jack.’ And he pulled a gun on me so I just froze,” Mathis said.
A woman and another man got out of the F-150 and walked to Mathis’ car. The man pointed a gun at Mathis demanding cash. Mathis gave the man his wallet, and cell phone, but this did not satisfy the crooks who then asked about Sandefur.

Mathis said the woman with the two men went over to the car and demanded money from her. 
Then the man with the gun said to the robber closest to Mathis to get a rope to tie the couple up.

“He said get the stuff to tie him up and put them in the truck,” Mathis said.
Fearing that the three crooks could take them somewhere secluded and rob, shoot, and kill them, Mathis said he heard a voice tell him to run. When the man closet to him turned to walk toward the truck, he took off.
“I just know I had to do something to save my girlfriend and myself,” Mathis said.  “I wanted to get into my mother’s house for help.”
Mathis was able to make it inside as the man with the gun shot at him. Mathis’ brother and brother–in-law came out to help just as the crooks jumped in the truck and drove away.

At first, they drove the wrong way down a one way street.  Then they fired into the air as they backed up and finally left the area.

Mathis said had he gone to his home in York, he and his girlfriend could have wound up dead.
“When he said he was going to tie us up and put us in the truck I didn’t know if he was going to take us off kill us or do what,” Mathis said.
Police have a description of the truck and the three robbers and are looking at surveillance video from the gas station and fast food restaurant to get more details from the robbers.

 To see a video about this incident use the link below:

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