SCP Responds to Reports of Suspicious Vehicles

Residents asked to report vehicles if they are seen

October 29, 2010

Stonehaven Community Patrol Officer Brian Lutes responded to 2 separate reports of suspicious vehicles on Thursday, October 28, 2010.

Lutes received the first report at 10:11 AM from a female Stonehaven Resident who reported that while she was enjoying a morning walk in the Jester Lane, Wheeler Dr., & Redcoat Dr. area  an older green Chevrolet sedan, possibly a 1970’s model, occupied by 3 older white males, all wearing toboggan caps,  drove by her 3 times at low speed from different directions. The woman said that it appeared to her that the vehicle was “casing” the neighborhood and that she was alarmed at the fact that every time the car approached her it slowed down.

Lutes responded to the location in which the vehicle was reported at approximately 10:25 AM and patrolled the area extensively, speaking to residents who were out walking or doing yard work to alert them of the reported vehicle and handed out SCP contact cards with requests for the people to call  if the vehicle was seen.

Unfortunately, the vehicle could not be located and no further calls about the vehicle were received.

Lutes forwarded the information about the reported vehicle  to the Char-Meck Police Dept. with a request that they check the area whenever possible.

The second report of a suspicious vehicle was received at 11:29 AM while Lutes was still trying to locate the vehicle from the 10:11 AM report above.

In the second report, a female resident of Charter Place said that she was on her way home from running errands, traveling on Gate Post Rd. from Rama Rd., when she noticed a white station wagon, believed to be a Toyota, with a damaged right front fender/bumper behind her.

The woman said she recognized the vehicle as the same one that was driven by a white male who had stopped at her residence a few days before asking if he could do some pressure washing work for her. She said she had never seen the man before, described as a white male, believed to be in his 20’s, about 6 feet tall, thinly built, with a fair complexion, reddish/blonde hair, no facial hair or visible tattoos, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, and had no idea who he was.

She further reported that she told the man she didn’t need any work done and he left. However, a neighbor told her that the man didn’t stop at any other residence to inquire about performing work and that it appeared that the man went to her house specifically.

Upon recognizing the car, the woman pulled over to let it pass and as it did she saw that the driver was the same man who had visited her house to inquire about work. She said the man slowed his car and looked directly at her in a manner that made her believe he knew who she was. She further said that the situation sared her as she is wondering if the man has somehow begun targeting her for some reason even though she doesn’t know him.

As the car passed her she wrote the license plate # down, but isn’t sure if she got it right. She believes the plate # was 595 – 4EY or 959 – 4EY,  possibly from South Carolina.  She is fairly certain the plate was not a North Carolina tag.

Out of fear for her safety the woman drove to the house of a friend that she knew to be home and called the SCP to report the incident. SCP Officer Lutes responded to the woman’s location and escorted her home to make sure she got there safely.

Lutes patrolled the area for another hour, but wasn’t able to locate a vehicle matching the description given by the woman. The information was forwarded to the Char-Meck Police Dept. with a request that they be on the lookout for the vehicle.

All Stonehaven Area residents are asked to be on the lookout for the vehicles reportedly involved in these incidents, a green older model Chevrolet sedan, possibly a 1970’s model, occupied by 3 older white males wearing toboggan caps and a white station wagon, believed to be a Toyota, with a damaged right front fender/ bumper, displaying license # 595 – 4EY or possibly 959 – 4EY (possibly South Carolina), driven by a white male, believed to be in his 20’s, about 6 feet tall, thinly built, with reddish/blonde hair, fair complexion, no facial hair or visible tattoos, with a northern accent; and to call the SCP @ 980-297-8446 if they are seen.

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