North Charlotte Man Beaten Inside His Home

October 10, 2010 by ten8 (


Residents of The Townes at University Pointe apartment complex in North Charlotte told Eyewitness News there are several undocumented workers who live there. The 30-year-old man who was attacked in his own home Friday night admitted he is an illegal immigrant, and he said that’s why he was targeted by criminals.

Moments after walking into his home after work last night, he said he was jumped by four men, and beaten in his living room. One attacker pulled out a gun and pistol-whipped him.

“All I heard was them telling me don’t move or we’re going to kill you,” Jose said. “I just got grabbed from behind and kept getting beat on. It went on for three to four minutes, and you know, three to four minutes, it seemed like a lifetime to me,” he said.

Jose believes he was targeted because he’s Hispanic, and he said the criminals might have even known he was an illegal immigrant. Nearby residents are in shock over what happened.

“It’s like, right close. And if it happened here, it can happen anytime,” said nearby resident Wilson Romero.

Romero said many of his Hispanic friends talk about being unwilling to call police in an emergency, especially if they’re undocumented.

“I think that is a barrier, because if they call police, they could get the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) involved, and, they don’t want to get departed to where they’re from,” he said.

Jose said he’s thankful for the police response after the attack, and he wants others to know they have nothing to fear if they are victims of a vicious attack.

“[Police] will never help us if we never tell them what happened,” he said.

Jose did not get a clear description of the four men who beat and robbed him, but he said they calmly walked out the front door after the attack. Police are still looking for the four suspects.

Officers told us they don’t believe the attack qualifies as a hate crime. We reached out to an officer who works with the Hispanic community. She tells us she meets regularly with those residents and stresses the importance of trusting police to them.

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