Known Felon Found & Detained Following Report of A Suspicious Person in Stonehaven

On Monday, September 20, 2010 at approximately 7:30 PM Stonehaven Community Patrol Officer Brian Lutes responded to a suspicious person call from a Stonehaven resident on Valley Haven Drive near Thermal Road.

  The resident said he was inside his home when he noticed what appeared to be a man wearing a ball cap standing outside his front door trying to look into the home through windows at the top of the door. The resident said that he initially thought the person was part of the crew that cuts his grass, but that it would be very unusual for the crew to be there at that time of day so he went to the door to investigate.

  The resident found a black male approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing around 170 pounds, wearing a dark ball cap, below the knee denim shorts, a dark t-shirt, and displaying gold plating on the top front row of his teeth came to his home, knocked on his door, and told him that his father (the bad guy’s dad) had just been in a traffic accident on Independence Blvd. at Sharon Amity causing him to ask for $20 so he could go see his father.

  The resident also reported that the man was acting very nervously, appeared to have a ‘nervous tick’, and after being told that he would not be given any money, left his property walking very fast towards Ashwyn Drive.The resident then observed the man approach a woman who was walking her dog and ask her for money.

  In responding to the Valley Haven Dr. area the SCP checked the surrounding streets and with the resident’s help was able to locate the reported suspicious individual on Thermal Road near Pineburr Road walking toward Monroe Road. 

At the same time 2 CMPD officers arrived and it was learned that the individual was 36 year-old black male Anthony Lucas, 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing 165 pounds with DOB: 1-27-1974, who was recently released from incarceration for multiple Breaking & Entering charges.

Arrested Person Image Arrested Person Image 

 According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Lucas has been arrested & booked into the Meck. County Jail on the following dates for the following charges:

 9-5-10 Arrested by the CMPD for False Pretense (felony) & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (misdemeanor)

4-14-09 Arrested by North Carolina Probation & Parole Agents for a Probation Violation (felony)

2-1-09 Arrested by the CMPD for Breaking & Entering w/ Force (felony)

9-27-08 Arrested for a Probation Violation (felony) & Attempted Breaking & Entering (felony)

9-18-08 Arrested by the Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff’s Office for Injury to Personal Property (misdemeanor)

10-7-07 Arrested by the CMPD for Driving With No License (traffic), & 2 Probation Violations (felonies)

  In reality, what this guy was doing by knocking on doors and asking for money was trying to determine if people were home. Most likely if someone didn’t answer a particular door he would have kicked in the door and ransacked the house looking for cash, jewels, weapons, and anything he could carry.

Anyone seeing any person, vehicle, thing, or circumstance that makes them the least bit suspicious should immediately report it to the CMPD by dialing 911 and then notifying the Stonehaven Patrol @ 980-297-8446.

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