Notify SCP of Criminal Activity As Soon As Possible

August 31, 2010

Unfortunately our community has recently experienced criminal acts of thefts from vehicles and vandalism of vehicles where the windows were shot with what appears to be BB guns.

  I was able to speak with one of the BB gun victims on Burlwood after I learned of the incident through the grapevine.
 In speaking to the victim I learned that the incident happened on Friday night, August 27, 2010 (technically Saturday morning) around 2 AM. The victim related that she reported the incident to the CMPD who sent 2 patrol cars quickly, but that she didn’t think to call us as well.
 The problem presented here is that I was actually “on the street” patrolling in a different part of the community at the time this incident happened and could have responded to the area very quickly in an effort to locate the suspect vehicle. My being notified and CMPD sending 2 cars would have given us 3 total patrol vehicles checking the area.
 In addition, I would have continued patrolling our community after the CMPD units moved on to other calls across the city had I known about this incident when it happened.
 Please call me when incidents such as these happen regardless of the time of day or night as I don’t turn my phone off. If I’m not able to respond I will tell you to call CMPD and follow up with you ASAP.
 Unfortunately, the CMPD does not always inform me of the calls for service they receive in our community so the person reporting a given incident to them should report it to us as well as we may be able to respond more quickly and devote more time to looking into the incident.
 We’re operating our Patrol so our community will have an extra layer of protection, but we can’t help by taking immediate action if we aren’t told of criminal activity when it happens.
 Please call us as quickly as possible if you experience or see a criminal act.
Brian Lutes
Stonehaven Patrol
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