Coyotes Reported in Stonehaven

July 13, 2010
A few Stonehaven residents have reported seeing coyotes in the past few days.
According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission ( people who see coyotes should simply try to stay clear of them and that coyotes rarely approach or attack humans. In addition, the Commission says that coyotes rarely contract rabies.
However, again according to the Commission, coyotes may look at domestic cats & small dogs as prey so residents may want to try to keep an eye on their pets when they are outside the home. They also say that coyotes consider larger dogs to be predators and will try to avoid them unless they feel the dogs are a threat to a pregnant female or new born pups.
The Commission’s information about coyotes can be accessed at
In addition, the Commission can be contacted by phone at 919-707-0010 and by U.S. Mail at 1717 Mail Service Center in Raleigh, NC 27699.
Anyone seeing a coyote should report the sighting to the Commission as well as the Animal Control Division of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. by calling 311.
Also, please report the sightings to us by calling 980-297-8446 so we will know where in the community the animals have been seen should we answer callsfor assistance in those areas.

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