SCP Responds to Trespassing / Vandalism Reports on Valley Haven Drive

On Sunday March 14, 2010 at 7:53 PM Stonehaven Community Patrol Officer Brian Lutes responded to reports of vandalism & trespassing from two Valley Haven Road residents.

One resident reported that a tree house he had built for his daughter at the rear of his residence was entered and vandalized by a group of children / teens on two separate occasions earlier in the day.

The first incident occurred around 4:45 PM when the resident’s wife observed a group of “kids” around the tree house, located in a wooded area about 20 feet from the family’s back yard, and telephoned the resident who was at a nearby grocery store to alert him.

Upon arriving at his home the resident went to the tree house and found that a large plate-glass window, valued at approximately $400, he had installed in the tree house had been shattered from the outside. He also noted that the door into the tree house was still locked with a pad-lock.

Later, around 7:30 PM, another resident living just two doors up from the family with the tree house observed a group of approximately 8 kids / teens, some black, some white, whom he estimated ranged in age from 10 – 17 years old, walking on his property at the rear of his home from the direction of the location of the tree house.

The resident yelled to the group to get off of his property resulting in the group shouting profanities back to him. The resident then watched the group continue to travel across wooded lots (private properties) toward Thermal Rd.

The resident picked up his cell phone and began trailing the group to learn where they were going when the group began threatening the resident by telling him “We know where you live, we’ll burn your house down” with mixed in profanities. the resident continued to trail the group and observed them walk down Thermal Rd. toward the Stonehaven Apartments and then run into the wooded area adjacent to the condominiums and up into the Glenncove Apartments.

When the resident returned to his home he spoke with the tree house resident and told him of what had just happened.

The tree house resident then returned to the tree house and found that the tree house door had now been “kicked in”.

Apparently the group of “kids” boldly “returned to the scene of the crime” (the vandalized tree house) and did more damage when they knew they had been seen earlier and then threatened a property owner with arson.

Off. Lutes observed the damage to the tree house, estimated to exceed $1,000 total, and was shown the wooded areas trails apparently used by the “kids”.

The residents were advised to immediately call the SCP if the “kids” are seen in the area in the future and that the SCP would check the areas behind their homes and the trails as often as possible.

Anyone observing any suspicious activity should call  SCP Officer Brian Lutes at 980-297-8446.

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