Feisty Senior Fights Off Robber

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Elderly Customer Comes To Aid Of Store Clerk

BOSTON — An elderly woman showed some might and came to the aid of a store clerk in the middle of a robbery, Boston TV station WCVB reported Wednesday.

The woman is seen on videotape chatting with the 7-Eleven clerk.

 A man then walked in to the store, went behind the counter and began struggling with the cashier, police said.

 The elderly customer is shown grabbing a hand-held scanner and swinging at the man, who grabbed some money and began to leave the store.

 The woman took one more swing at the man, who police identified as Michael McInnis, 34. He was arrested a short time later.

 Court records show he’s been arraigned more than 50 times — mostly for violent offenses.

 ”Certainly it is not something we recommend for anyone to do. However she displayed a little feistiness perhaps that you would have at that age upon seeing that. She is a regular customer who talks to the clerk. I think she took it a little personally,” Malden Police Department Capt. Tom Swanson said.

 The woman has not been identified. McInnis was held on $1,500 bail.

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