SCP Again Finds Unlocked Doors at Rama Rd. Elementary

 Crime Prevention Officers from the Stonehaven Community Patrol  discovered two separate unlocked doors at the Rama Rd. Elementary School at on Sunday December 13, 2009 while conducting a  patrol check of the facility.

 Unfortunately, the discovery is not the first time SCP Officers have discovered unlocked doors at the school and prior reports of unlocked doors can be found in the archives of this web-site.

 The first unlocked door, the right-hand entry door at the school’s main entrance, was discovered at 1:06 AM. Officers pulled the door to insure it was locked, but it came right open. When Officers closed the door tightly and tried to open it again, the door was locked, so it appears that the door simply was not fully closed by school staff  on Friday December 11, 2009.

 The second unlocked door, an entry door located to the left of the gymnasium and to the right of the entry doors leading to an interior “alley way” designed for children to play in, leading to a hallway  leading to the rear of the gymnasium was discovered at 1:20 AM.

 When Officers pulled the door to insure it was locked, the door came right open. Officers re-closed the door and re-checked it, but unlike the door at the school’s main entry, the door did not lock.

 Officers notified the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. and the school’s Principal, Brian A. Bambauer, of the unlocked doors.

 Later that same day, at 1:27 PM, SCP Officers again checked the above referenced hallway entry door and discovered the was still unlocked.

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