McClintock Woods & East Forest Neighborhoods Victimized by Burglars


WARNING: Multiple breaking & entering in the neighborhood on 11/18/2009 (suspects & vehicle photos)

Neighbors, it appears the criminal activity is rising once again in our streets.  Yesterday there were two B&E’s (that I know of) inside our boundaries.  One hit particularly close to home for me, my next door neighbors house.

5800 block of Coatbridge Lane

6900 block of Old Post Rd.

These guys were experienced and very slick.  The came down Old Post Rd., slowed down and then backed up to enter my neighbors driveway once they saw he was not home nor anyone at any house nearby.  The driver enters the home through the back door, kicking it in.  Once inside he opens the front door and comes outside to tell his partner.  His partner and he then enter the house and walk back out with his flat screen TV.  They are gone in less than 10 minutes.

The vehicle used appears to be a dark colored mini-van, possibly a Chrysler or Dodge.  2 black males, average height. 

I was able to catch the activity at my neighbors on security camera, here are the highlights. 
Note: the time on my DVR was still set to DST so the time stamp is 1 hour off.  This occurred from roughly 9:48am to 9:54am on 11/18/2009.

9:48am – Here they are arriving in his driveway

9:50am – Driver has come back outside to get his partner

9:50am – Another angle, the pair entering the house

9:51am – A car drives by while they are inside (does anyone recognize this car?)

9:54am – The two outside with the TV loading it up

9:55am – Leaving the driveway

 Please, if you have any information about any of these events, please contact CMPD.  Let’s keep those lights on and doors locked folks, we don’t want these thugs in our neighborhood!



Published Nov 19 2009, 08:07 AM by Mark Barringer
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