New Eagle Man Assaulted With Bat, Fires Fatal Shot At Attacker

Police Investigate Attack, Shooting At Washington Co. Mobile Home

POSTED: 7:57 am EDT September 25, 2009
UPDATED: 2:29 am EDT September 26, 2009

NEW EAGLE, Pa. — A New Eagle man was assaulted with a baseball bat at his home Friday morning before firing shots and killing his attacker.

 Joseph Gallick received a knock on the door of his Pine Top Estates mobile home on Applewood Drive at about 2 a.m.


Gallick grabbed his handgun before answering the door, police said.

 Gallick was told by Cole James MacFarlane that someone was “messing” with his truck parked outside, police said.

 When Gallick went to investigate, another man, identified as William Eyles, hit him with a baseball bat, police said.

 Gallick fired at Eyles, striking him in the chest, police said.

 Eyles, 25, of Monongahela, was flown to a Pittsburgh-area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

 MacFarlane, 25, faces several charges, including homicide and attempted robbery.

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  1. The investigation police don’t want to persue. Why the man who houses a gun in the trailor park that doesn’t allow guns, not supposed to have a gun in his home because his girlfriend that resides with him is on probation, that should have avoided using the gun because he had the chance to avoid confrontation, found prescription drugs in the home that were identified by the accused, these prescriptions were recently filled and empty way before their time. I’m just trying to understand why this story is made to look like this person is an upstanding home owner. This man was a part of the problem. When you decide to sell drugs to people you cause the problem. These boys were not there to harm anyone. Just get some free drugs off the paranoid dealer from what I can see. Would you want to raise your children next to that?


    • Dude, ur a retard. I don’t give 2 squirts of piss what the home owner was about. Them 2 guys were trying to rob him and got f*cked up for it. That’s what happens when u try to take off someone that ain’t urs. That’s what I see, dipshit.


      • That’s exactly why the article was posted – to show that an innocent victim who was simply trying to protect what was his from thieves was then assaulted, basically adding insult to injury or vise-verse.
        Absolutely, if you are going to engage in criminal behavior, you take your chances and may very well end up dead or seriously “f*cked up” as you say. Which I have no problem with.


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