Gang Member Granted Amnesty Under Obama Program Faces 3 Charlotte Murder Charges

From, April 22, 2015

A gang member granted amnesty under President Obama’s amnesty program now faces four murder charges in Charlotte, NC. The incident sparked a new review process of all people applying for deference in the U.S.


 Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez applied for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on January, 13, 2013. Within seven months, he received notification that granted him a work permit, along with a two-year legal status. Per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Leon Rodriguez, who is now raising concerns about the case, Rangel-Hernandez was in the federal crime database, listed as a known gang member.

“Based on the standard procedures and protocols in place at the time, the DACA request and related employment authorization should not have been approved.”

Rangel-Hernandez now faces murder charges for four different people killed in Charlotte. One of the victims, America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar, 19, was killed on February 24 in Charlotte, while visiting her boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado, and his roommate, Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia. Alvarado and Gonzaga-Garcia were also killed during the incident, which took place at their home off of Norris Ave.

Along with Rangel-Hernandez, 19-year-old David Ezequel Lopez was also said to be involved in the murders. Both men were arrested and charged with three counts of felony first-degree murder.

Rangel-Hernandez also reportedly killed one man and wounded another in Marshall, North Carolina. Authorities believe that a drug altercation set off the incident.

USCIS indicates that at least 20 other people with known ties to gangs were approved under DACA, although Homeland Security states that anyone with any connections with gangs are a cause for rejection from the program.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley recently issued a written statement on the incident. He pointed out that Rangel-Hernandez’s past may have been approved regardless of his known gang activities.

“It’s no secret that USCIS staff is under intense pressure from the President to approve every DACA application that comes across their desk, and based on this information, it’s clear that adequate protocols are not in place to protect public safety. The fact is that this tragedy could have been avoided if the agency had a zero-tolerance policy with regard to criminal aliens and gang members.”

Senator Tom Tillis, of North Carolina, also spoke on the issue, stating that a loophole in the program is allowing criminals to stay in the U.S. Rangel-Hernandez was initially set to be deported in 2012, but was protected by DACA.

“The flawed implementation of the president’s blanket deferred action program has created a loophole that allows dangerous criminals who came here illegally – even known gang members – to stay in the country. The USCIS needs to immediately start performing detailed criminal background checks to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.”

Although his amnesty is now revoked, Rangel-Hernandez is still in the U.S. to face his murder charges. He remains in jail with no bond.

[Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department]

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CMPD Charges “Habitual Felon” in 1988 Murder of Cab Driver

From, April 16, 2015

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have made an arrest in a 1988 cold case murder.

Police charged 49-year-old Jackie Sanders in the murder of Dwight Thomas Corum back on January 14, 1988.

According to authorities, police responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call in the 600 block of Waco Street. When officers arrived on scene, they found Corum dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

Homicide Detectives, along with Crime Scene Technicians, responded to the location and collected DNA evidence from the scene, but were unable to identify a suspect at that time.

In October of 2013 this case was reviewed by the CMPD Cold Case Unit by utilizing funds from the 2011 Cold Case Grant. The evidence from the case was submitted to the CMPD Crime Lab for DNA examination.

Based on the evidence found, Sanders was identified as the suspect in this case. He was been interviewed by detectives. As a result of this investigation, detectives with the Cold Case Unit then signed warrants on Sanders.

Sanders was served with warrants for First Degree Murder and Armed Robbery. Sanders is currently incarcerated in the Tabor Correctional Institute in Tabor City where he is serving time for Habitual Felon.

The CMPD Cold Case Unit has reviewed 143 cases since it began in 2003. Of those cases, 42 have been cleared and 27 of those were cleared by arrest.

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Man Who Removed Immigration Service Ankle Monitor Wanted in Deadly Charlotte Hit & Run

From, April 16, 2015

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have identified the suspect in a deadly hit-and-run in SouthEnd on Wednesday.

Police have identified Elmer Galeas-Padilla as the suspect involved in the deadly hit-and-run.


Right at noon Wednesday, CMPD says Jefferson Davis James was driving his moped southbound on South Boulevard in the right-hand lane, and struck a black 2005 Nissan Murano as he approached the intersection of New Bern Station Court.

Police say the driver of the Murano was turning left onto New Bern Station Court from northbound South Boulevard, causing the moped to crash into the rear passenger door area of the Murano.

Galeas-Padilla failed to stop at the scene, and police say the driver fled south on South Boulevard.

James was taken to CMC-Main, where he was pronounced deceased.

Arrest warrants for two counts of felony hit and run and one count of driving while license revoked has been issued for Galeas-Padilla’s arrest.

Galeas-Padilla was on electronic monitoring through the U.S. Immigration Office. He cut off his ankle bracket last night and was last seen near I-485 and Arrowwood Road.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance with locating Galeas-Padilla.

Anyone who witnessed this crash or has information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 or Detective Reibold at 704-336-3229.

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Man Found Guilty of 2012 ‘Brutal Sex Assault’

From, April 1, 2015

Fitzgerald Rice, accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his apartment in 2012, will spend at least 70 years in prison.


Fitzgerald Rice

A jury found Rice guilty on Wednesday of what the Mecklenburg District Attorney’s Office calls a brutal sex assault.

In that incident, a court determined Rice did force the victim to perform numerous sexual acts while also striking her in the head and choking her if she didn’t comply.

Police say Rice allegedly assaulted three other women in the same apartment over 20 years. They testified in his trial, where the prosecutor also showed old and new blood stains on a mattress to jurors.

“The fact that he has not removed those items show you he doesn’t think it’s disgusting, he thinks this is okay, he thinks this behavior with a woman bleeding on your bed is fine,” Leslie Stephens said to the court room this week.

Rice was found guilty of seven of nine counts against him; four out of five for second-degree sexual offense, two for attempted second-degree sexual offense and one for strangulation. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous answer in regards to a kidnapping charge.

The sentences will run consecutively, totaling the minimum of 70 years.

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Teen Suspects Charged in South Charlotte Robbery

From, April 2, 2015

Three robbery suspects missing since this weekend were taken into police custody Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

Victims reported being threatened with a knife and gun in the 200 block of College Street. The suspects fled on foot.

Officers identified them as Daveon Dixon and Jontavius Littlejohn, both 16, and 18-year-old Damrcus Dixon. Warrants were issued for their arrests.


Daveon Dixon, Damrcus Dixon, Littlejohn

They’re all charged with robbery. Damarcus Dixon and Jontavius Littlejohn were alos served with outstanding warrants.

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CMPD Seeking Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect in March 28, 2015 Robbery

From, April 2, 2015

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are hoping you can help identify a suspect in a Saturday, March 28, 2015 robbery.


Around 3:15 Saturday morning, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say a man entered the QuikTrip gas station in the 7100 block of South Boulevard, implied he had a weapon and demanded money from the store clerk. The suspect fled the scene on foot after procuring money from the store.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 50s, approximately 6-foot-3 and weighing in around 170 pounds; he was last seen wearing a black hoodie, black toboggan, blue jeans and white shoes.

If you have any information on this case, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600.

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Female Store Clerk Struck in Violent April 2, 2015 Idlewild Road Circle K Robbery

From, April 2, 2015

A violent man hits a woman to steal what he wants. It happened early in the morning inside a Circle K on Idlewild Road.

“We’re talking six o’clock in the morning,” said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey. “Normally when people go into the gas station they’re getting a coffee, newspaper, getting ready for the day.”

On surveillance video, we see a female clerk minding the store. But she’s got her back turned to the door and doesn’t see a man in a striped hat rushing up behind her.

He tells her he wants money – and wants it now.

She opens the cash drawer, but there’s not much there. She then points to some rolled coins on the floor. That apparently makes him angry. He grabs her and cuffs her across the face.

“After he punches her, he grabs her keys and cell phone, which were sitting close by,” Roddey said.

Unfortunately, at that moment, a customer wanders in during the robbery. He’s told to hand over his wallet and sit down.

“He gave the guy his wallet,” Roddey said, “And then he tells him to go around and get those cigarettes he pointed to.”

He not only gets them, this unlucky customer, who didn’t want to show his face, has to climb up the shelves to find a carton on Newports.

And this strong armed robber isn’t finished. Remember, he’s got the clerk’s car keys.

“When he leaves, he goes directly to her car and he rummages through her car. I don’t know why he didn’t take it, but he didn’t” Roddey said, “But he went through her car and then left.”

However, he did get her cell phone and the customer’s wallet, not to mention the cash from the register.

If you were near the Circle K on Idlewild Road about 6:30 a.m. on April 1, call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 and let them know what you know. You might be in line for a fat reward.

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Mecklenburg Prosecutors Build Case in Court Against Convicted Felon Accused of Sexual Assault

From, March 28, 2015

Mecklenburg Prosecutors spent most of Friday, March 27, 2015 building their case that a man who spent nine years in prison for one sexual assault and beating did the same to a woman a year after he got out.

Fitzgerald Rice, 49, is charged with sexually assaulting, kidnapping and strangling the woman, who was then 25 years old, in his apartment in east Charlotte in December, 2012.

Fitzgerald Rice photo

Fitzgerald Rice

Earlier in the week, the woman had described the alleged attack in detail, but told the jury that she had gone to Rice’s apartment to perform a sex act for money before he turned violent. She also admitted changing her story to police several times.

So prosecutors tried to bolster her credibility by bringing in two other women who said Rice had attacked them in very similar circumstances in 1995 and 1997.

“Anywhere I went, he was there. He treated me like a dog,” said one of the women, describing the incident in 1997.

She said she had gone to Rice’s apartment to smoke crack and that he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her.

“He said he would kill me, and I believed him,” she told jurors.

Her story echoed that of another woman who described an alleged attack in 1995.

“I would say she was very upset, scared and crying. She wanted to get out of that apartment,” said a former police officer who had responded to that call and encountered the woman.

Rice’s attorney questioned the women’s motives for going to Rice’s apartment and pointed out that prosecutors had dismissed the charges in both cases.

Rice did plead guilty to another attack, also at his apartment, in 2001. He spent nine years in prison and was out of prison for only a year when police say he attacked the victim in the current case.

Because of his previous conviction, Rice could be sentenced to life in prison if he is convicted in the current trial.

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Convicted Felon Leads CMPD, NC Highway Patrol on Chase Through Several Counties

North Carolina Department of Public Safety records also show McCorkle has previous convictions, including felony cocaine possession in 2000 and misdemeanor assault on a female in 2004. Both of these incidents occurred in Mecklenburg County.

From, March 28, 2015

A man is in custody Saturday after leading police in a two-hour chase through multiple counties Friday night.

Around 10:30 p.m., a Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department helicopter found a white, 2002 Cadillac Escalade driven by Jonathan McCorkle.

Jonathan McCorkle photo

Jonathan McCorkle

McCorkle, 40 was wanted for assault, felony larceny and other charges.

McCorkle continued to drive when a patrol car ordered him to stop.

The helicopter kept a spotlight on the car as officers on the ground pursued McCorkle to Interstate 85.

McCorkle continued to travel in and out of Gaston County, and back into Mecklenburg.

Highway patrol officers placed stop sticks on I-85 near the county line. McCorkle avoided the sticks. However, a highway patrol car, at least one tractor-trailer and an unrelated car hit them.

Officials said McCorkle continued to drive north on I-85 and took the Billy Graham exit traveling east towards Interstate 77. McCorkle swerved around a second stop stick deployment.

McCorkle hit a third stop stick near the I-77 interchange, which deflated two of his tires.

Police were able to trap his vehicle on East Boulevard.

McCorkle escaped from the car with a white pillow case full of marijuana and cash as well as a gun. He threw the gun into the bushes, but officials later found it.

McCorkle ran for three to four blocks until officials captured him in the 800 block of West Kingston Avenue.

CMPD is using several wallets holding IDs and credit cards they found in McCorkle’s car to help in the investigation.

Officials also said McCorkle tried to kidnap his girlfriend from a local bar.

No one was seriously injured.

McCorkle is charged with felony flee to elude, DWI, damage to state property; failure to heed blue lights and siren, possession of a firearm by felon, distributing drugs, driving while impaired and other related infractions.

In addition to the warrants, the suspect was also wanted for questioning by the York County Sherriff’s Office, Gaston police and the Union County Sherriff’s Office.

According to the Lincoln-Times Newspaper, McCorkle was also arrested in early March after a car chase in Lincolnton.

McCorkle passed troopers traveling 94 mph in a 45-mph zone. When troopers initiated a stop, he fled, reaching sppeds of 130 mph near Lincoln Charter School.

Troopers said he ran out of gas and fled into the woods. He was subdued with a taser in that incident and no weapons were found.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety records also show McCorkle has previous convictions, including felony cocaine possession in 2000 and misdemeanor assault on a female in 2004. Both of these incidents occurred in Mecklenburg County.

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Man Arrested in March 3, 2015 Violent Attack on Elderly Woman at Cotswold Harris Teeter

From by Becky Bereiter, March 4, 2015

The man charged with assaulting an elderly woman and an employee at the Cotswold Harris Teeter in Charlotte made his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon.

Scottie Barringer, 34, appeared before the judge in a wheelchair and suffering from a broken nose. Barringer was appointed an attorney and should he post bond, will be placed on electronic monitoring as the legal process plays out.

Police were called to the scene just before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 3, 2015. They say Marjorie McOrmond, 83, was getting into her car when Barringer punched her in the face, knocked her to the ground and stole her purse and car. A Harris Teeter employee, Thomas Albergotti, tried to intervene and stop Barringer from taking off but he was also seriously injured.

Barringer was arrested a few hours later in east Charlotte.

McOrmond remains in the hospital but officials say her condition is improving. Time Warner Cable News reached out to Albergotti, who is recovering at home, but Harris Teeter refused to let him share his story with the media. The company issued this statement:

“Harris Teeter places the highest priority on both the safety of our associates and our customers, and we certainly hope our associates and shoppers are never faced with a similar incident again.”

Court records show Barringer has a lengthy criminal past with charges ranging from assault and battery, car theft, and failing to register as a sex offender. One order for arrest from July of 2013 shows he has struck in shopping centers before. In that instance, he was picked up for pushing a shopping cart into the victim.

His next court date is scheduled for March 16.

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